And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Star Wars Celebrations

I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen Star Wars...bits and pieces of a few movies...but never a whole movie...and definitely not the entire series.  I have tried; really tried.  They just aren't my "cup of tea."  However, TJ and Dominik really enjoy them and watching them is something they enjoy doing together.  Ever since Dominik's last birthday he has been planning this party.  With the looming delivery date of baby Maylee and Parker and TJ's birthday prior to Dominik's birthday I am always mildly burnt out on party planning.  But no flame can be put out when you see the pure joy on my little boys face when you listen to him talk about his birthday.  He pretty much planned the entire thing with the exception of table scape and decorations.  That stuff is for me...I love it!!

Dominik got to invite some church and school friends with the head count totaling 10.  I figured that was enough little boys to wrangle up for one evening.  We started the party at the pool where all the kids got their light saber pool noodles.  They played in the pool for an hour and then we catered Costco pizza, watermelon, juice, and rounded off the evening with strawberry ice cream cake.  The weather could not have been more perfect and the boys burned off lots of energy...a necessity for part two of the party.

We all headed back to the house for a movie party "The Force Awakens."  I hummed and hawed about showing this movie since it is PG-13, but TJ agreed that it was a fine movie to show and I coordinated with all the parents that it was okay.  I set up the table to be a concessions stand all around the Force Awakens.  My mom printed and cut out all the cute signs that brought everything together...she's the best!!  The kids got to make their own popcorn bowls and add as much candy as they wanted.  I cringed at first by the sheer quantity of candy they were putting in their bowls...but hey they were headed home in an hour and would therefore not be my problem when their sugar rush peaked...hehehehe.  The kids all loved the movie and Dominik had a blast.  Everyone agreed that their favorite part was the light saber fights during the actual movie light saber fights.  The living room was a DISASTER...but Dominik had SO. MUCH. FUN!!  Making everything worth it!!

I sure love my Dominik and what a special little boy he is.  The hard work that is put into these parties are made worth it by the gratitude he shows and how big his grin was all night!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrating the 7 Year Old

Having the last birthday in the family has always been a bit of a challenge for Dominik.  He wants to be happy for everyone else during their birthdays but there is always that sense of longing for the time when he can be the celebrated one and open his presents.  This is the first year where there haven't been tears and he actually put on a very happy face through everyone else's special days.  Well the time finally came for his day and he couldn't contain his excitement.  Both sets of grandparents were in town for the festivities and Dominik wasted no time in planning all the things we were going to do to celebrate.

We started the day with breakfast at Denny's...not anyone's favorite by any means...but it's what he wanted and so we all happily obliged.  Next up was a trip to the beach.  We went over to La Jolla beach and brought along our new boogie boards.  Dominik has a wet suit and was living it up in the beautiful California waves.  Parker however did not have a wet suit, but was just as happy to take his boogie board for a walk on the sand.  Both boys were entertained and it was fun to see the grandparents play in the sand and have fun with the kids.  We all had so much fun celebrating Dominik and the wonderful kid he is.  Our family is so blessed by his spirit and we don't know what we would do without him.  He is kind, loving, imaginative, and very empathetic.  He is quick to help anyone in need and is a fiercely loyal.

Last but least on the agenda was the birthday party; the party he had been planning since the day after his 6th birthday.  So home we went to start the preparations and rest up for the epic Star Wars event!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday Boy

It's no surprise that from Parkers birthday on February 12th to Dominiks birthday on March 18th, that our family is quite busy!!  Unfortunately for TJ his birthday usually takes a back seat to the kids which he is more than okay with.  However, this year TJ has gone above and beyond for our family; playing both mom and dad so that I could rest and recover without worry.  TJ's always wanted to learn to surf and almost bought a surf board when we first moved here.  Prior to his birthday he told me he didn't want any fuss for his party, no invitees, and definitely no surprises.  Apparently he doesn't know me very well because birthdays are among my favorite things to plan.

So the party was planned, the supplies were purchased, and I was so excited!!  I bought a surf board at Costco and hit it at the Layton's house, I invited TJ's friend Steve to come teach TJ his first surfing lesson, and we were all meeting at Del Mar at 2pm; the weather was perfect and TJ had no clue!!  It's not that I wanted a surprise party for him, but I knew if I told him the plans that he would say no way.  I also knew that if I surprised him with it that he would love it!!

2pm rolled around and the party was in full force.  I couldn't wait to watch TJ in action.  I loved seeing TJ so nervous, happy, and excited all at once.  He got on his wet suit and him and Steve paddled out to the good waves.  Low and behold they weren't alone.  There were dolphins swimming everywhere out by the waves they were paddling to.  So cool to see!!

While TJ gave surfing his best effort he never actually made it to standing - don't tell him I said anything.  He pulled his groin playing basketball so that was holding him back.  He seemed to enjoy it despite his obvious pain.  The kids all loved playing on the beach an I enjoyed visiting with y friends too.  All around a great birthday...something that my birthday boy deserved!!