And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Quick But Worth Every Second

When grandma and grandpa decided to make San Diego a pit stop on their Utah Thanksgiving trip, we could not have been more exited.  The weekend happened to fall on not only grandmas birthday, but also grandparents day at Dominik's school.  Dominik knew that grandma and grandpa were coming for the weekend, but had no idea they would be there in time for the grandparents celebration put on by the first grade classes at EBS Elementary.  TJ picked up grandma and grandpa late Thursday morning at the airport and I was able to get Dominik up for school and out the door without him even knowing they were sleeping in the guest bedroom.  When he came out on stage to sing his song and find me in the audience he was over the moon when he saw who else I was sitting by.  His little face said it all and made it all worth it!  After the song performance grandma and grandpa got to go into the classroom with Dominik and do a thanksgiving craft.  Parker and I wandered around the school campus and then we all headed over to the book fair to check it out.  Dominik was walking on cloud 9 the whole time!!

After the school celebration we met up with TJ for lunch and then headed home for some birthday festivities.  I decorated the house and TJ BBQ up some delicious steak and shrimp, completed with salad, potatoes, and brussel sprouts.  We rounded out the evening with some pumpkin pie and of course the boys had to help blow out the candles.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring Old Town, hanging around the house, and perusing California Adventure.  The boys had an absolute blast and while they love going to Disneyland and California Adventure, I think their favorite time with grandma and grandpa were when we were at our house just hanging out.  I'm so lucky that despite the long distances between us over the years I have a mom and dad who work hard to have a relationship with their grandkids.  They may not see each other every week, but my kids know how much they are loved...and they know who really loves them!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Taking it Back...Way 1998

The holidays have a way of speeding up and becoming a blur; for us, these holidays have proven to do just that.  By the time I had unpacked from our Utah trip we were already in full swing preparations for Grandma and Grandpa to come and visit.  Grandma was coming to celebrate her birthday with us and get in some good holiday snuggles with the boys before heading over to Utah for Thanksgiving.  We knew we wanted to show her a good that's just what we did!

We started off by heading down to the Mormon Battalion visitors center and then planned to finish the day off in Old Town San Diego.  Dominik pre-planned his outfit because he wanted to make sure he dressed the part...and I quote: "I want to dress really old, like from 1998."  So he picked out his cute little outfit, slicked his hair back, and completed his ensemble with a dagger (just like the had in know, before guns).  As soon as we arrived at the visitors center I took the boys to the bathroom.  Dominik was appalled that they would have bathrooms in the visitors center because they certainly did not have bathrooms in 1998 - this kid is hilarious!

The visitors center was incredible.  There was interactive rooms you walked through and learned about different events in chronological order that made you feel as though you were part of the battalion.  Real life accounts and stories brought a whole element of personal connections to the Mormon Battalion that spun the information in a heartfelt way.  The sister missionaries giving the tour were so passionate about the stories and information they shared and I loved how they bore testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and how the Lord prepared the battalion in order to provide a way for the saints to move west.  I had chills almost the entire tour!

Once the tour was over we got to go outside on the terrace and pan for gold.  Parker just loved playing in the water while Dominik really got into it and thought he was rich from all the gold he was finding.  They let us keep two pieces each and the boys could have not been more excited; although Parker would have been just as pleased with any of the rocks as he was with the fools gold. At the top of the terrace was a look out tower where you could see all of Old Town.  Such a beautiful view!

Old Town itself was like a walk back in time.  The people were dressed in costume, lots of fun vendors selling old time items (taffy, hand dipped candles, paintings, and much more).  The whole vibe of the town was historic and beautiful.  Much of what we saw while living on the east coast.  I enjoyed seeing this kind of history preserved so far out west.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Fred's Mexican cantina and then continued our venture down Old Town.  Dominik and Parker loved all the old fashioned toy shops, my mom and I loved just taking everything in, and TJ was the most excited about the root beer store.  We all sampled some delicious root beer floats, picked out the perfect caps to complete our bottle cap table, and selected some micro brewed root beers to take home and try later.

All in all the day was pretty perfect!  Getting to explore our new city was pretty great, but being able to do it with Grandma and Grandpa made it so much more special!  We know that they are only here for a short while...but we are going to make the most of every second!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Go Cougars

I remember as a child watching ByU football and basketball games with my dad.  He was always way more into them than I was but it was fun watching him get really riled up and cheer with such enthusiasm when they won or did something good.  In fact I think my parents only fight growing up was when my mom changed the DVR recorder to record Ella Enchanted over the preset BYU game.  Boy that was uncomfortable; such disappointment and frustration coming from my dad!  Needless to say that when the opportunity arrived to go to a BYU football game at the LaVell Edwards stadium, we jumped at the opportunity.  We have always liked BYU...but the prospect of a cheap and moral college for our kids to attend makes us the superest of fans in from t of our kids!!  So we dressed the part and headed over to the game.









Just being at a game with grandma and grandpa Papenfuss, grandma Finlayson, uncle Jeremy, and Scott with his whole family was almost enough to put my boys over the top.  They had so much fun going from person to person and trying to get the most snacks and treats from them.  Parker was more into the game than Dominik was but Dominik was very content with his huge "cougar tail," (18" of maple bar) and his frozen lemonade.  At one point in the game Dominik asked "how many points do they get when they score a basket?" To which I replied "Dominik, You're embarrassing me!"  We really need to watch more sports with that kid!!


The cougars not only ended up winning, but Cosmo the cougar broke a world record at half time by completing 45 back handsprings in under a minute.  It was crazy to watch and I much admit a little nauseating!  

After the game we spent some time playing in the fall leaves (not a SoCal luxury we get to enjoy) and went over to cousin Eric's house for a delicious BBQ and some quality Mecham family time.  Overall I would say a fantastic day!!  We are so blessed to have such amazing family who let's us tag along and hang out with them!!!




Wednesday, November 16, 2016

If you move there...They will come

Family visitors were and few in between when we lived in OKI.  However, when we got orders to San Diego we had TONS of people who said they would come visit.  And boy have they not disappointed!  This last week we had Kellie and company come stay with us; that's nine in total!  Lucky for us they are excellent cisitirs and so fun to have around!  We played tour guide on Saturday morning until Dominik fell under the weather.  They explored a bit more and we chilled at the house in hopes that D would recover quickly. Sunday was spent at church and the temple and then Monday resumed our normal activities while they went to seaworld (much to Dominik and Parkers dismay).  



Tuesday however we were able to all go to Disneyland and boy was it magical.  It was Tysons first time ever attending and he was giddy (but still trying to be macho).  I keep waiting for Disneyland to loose its magic for us, but the magic is alive and well!! We always have a blast!!! Especially with all our cousins there to share it with.  






The visit came to an end when we had to head up to Utah while they stayed at our house and contributed to explore.  We sure love when guests come to play...especially when those guests are family!!!!