And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Monday, September 19, 2016

1st Day of 1st Grade

I have always heard that military kids are resilient and it wasn't until we dropped Dominik off for 1st grade did I realize just how resilient the military has made him.  I don't think I could ever go to a new country, a new school, make new friends, and spend the majority of my week doing it.  He had his moments of unsurety, but for the most part he faced it head on with courage and optimism.  I'm so proud of Dominik for the hard work he puts into school and for his happy and cheerful attitude towards these types of things.  He's such a great kid!!



This year he will be going to Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School.  His teacher is Mrs. Armstrong and his favorite subject is math.  We are so excited to see how he continues to grow and change over this next year!!




Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Last Celebration

Despite spending our day in the happiest place on earth there was still the looming sadness that grandma and grandpa would be leaving the next day and we would be forced back into real life.  In an attempt to make the most of the day though we decided to head over to California Adventure and spend our last day there.  Our family had only been once before and it was shortly after the park opened so a lot of the features were still being improved.  There's a whole new cars land and a water show of epic proportions that just wasn't there before.  We were in for a great day!!

Not learning from our mistakes we still started with no plan for the day.  We essentially did a big loop around the park trying to fast pass when we could and see everything we wanted to.  Parker and I waited out for a lot of the rides since he wasn't tall enough and I wasn't feeling too hot for high motion rides.  We enjoyed some of the smaller rides which lily for is didn't have nearly the wait times.  Parker was not too thrilled to be left out from the bigger rides but seemed content when he was able to get on his ride.  California Adventure doesn't have much of your Classic Disney features but the park is done up to the hilt and every little detail is completely thought out and executed.  The park has a magical feel that you've literally stepped through the tv and into the Disney movie itself.  Even us grow ups were totally enamored by the park.  








After everyone got their feel of rides I we decided that Toy Story and California Screamin were the favorites of the day. We enjoyed a quick dinner in flo's gas station and diner and then headed over to get our seats for the water show.  The show was pretty incredible.   While overall the feel was a bit propaganda"ish", basically watching a movie on water as it shot into the sky was pretty spectacular.  The boys loved it; well Dominik did...Parker was asleep.  The adults were pretty pleased as well.  I would say the perfect way to spend the perfect day and the perfect vacation with Grandma and Grandpa!!!



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happiest Place on Earth

The weekend we had all been waiting for and kind of the culminating event for our epic summer of 2016.  We knew Disneyland was going to be the Mecca of all theme parks so we wanted to do it last.  The other parks we went to would pale by comparison and the kids would be less than satisfied if they compared everything to what is Disneyland.  Doing it last kind of wrapped everything else up and became the highlight of our summer!  Grandma and grandpa were also there to play with which made the park that much better.

Lucky for us my parents condo was available the two days that we wanted to go to Disneyland.  With the park being an hour and a half away we were so grateful to have somewhere close to go to after a long day at the parks.  

Our adventures started off in Disneyland and could not have been better.  The weather was perfect and the boys spirits were high.  We didn't go into the day with a plan so we probably weren't as efficient as we could have been, but with the child swap passes and fast passes we were really able to ride a ton of rides with. It too much wait time. In fact, the longest wait time we had was for the finding Nemo submarine that Parker wanted to do.  It was a 52 minute wait and I lost a bet with grandma saying that we would only wait 50 minutes (being off by only 2 minutes is pretty good).  I still owe her that corn dog!  My favorite ride of the day was Pirates of the Carribean!  Being pregnant I really like the calmer rides that don't jolt my tummy around.  This was one of the few that are calm but still have a fun thrill to it.  By the end of the evening the kids were beat.  We stayed in the park until nearly closing time soaking in everything we possibly could.  We saw the parades, the paint the night show, and grandpa and grandma bought D and P some fun light up toys.  Pretty great day if you ask me!!  And just gearing up for the next day in California adventure!