And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

White Beach Festival

So after the Mud Run there were several rides, bounce houses and activities for the kids...all free!!  All the festivals (there seems to be one every weekend here) are about the same and since White Beach was having a festival too (they had dragon boat races though) we decided to pick up the kids and head over there.  I really wanted to see the races, which is something I still haven't done here yet, so the 1 hour drive over didn't seem too bad.  Unfortunately, in true military fashion, the schedule was not clear/organized and the races while posted as being both days were only in fact on Sunday...ahhhh!!  And, the kiddie land with all the kid rides and bounce houses cost $5 admission.  So, mom fail for the day!! 

Oh well...we met up with some friends and still ended up having a great time.  White Beach is a really pretty location (as you could probably deduce from the name).  A guy in our branch is also a Seamen there and was able to give Dominik and Parker a personal tour of his missile launcher boat.  We were also able to see an Osprey, and tour a helicopter, and an emergency responder military vehicle.  Dominik has never been too into cars and planes, but he seemed quite excited over these opportunities.  When it was time to head over to the kiddie land, Dominik and our friends kid Seth ran quickly in fact that we couldn't see them and they were well out of shouting range.  When we got to the kiddie land (with hopes of them having already making it there safely) we noticed there was a gate around the facility and a $5 admission fee to be paid at the entrance. Then we saw that they were already in there.  Well, it turns out that my little thief just shimmied under the gate and helped himself.  So...we were forced to pay...and then have a talk about stealing!  Guess we know what our next family home evening lesson will be on!!

The day ended up being a lot of fun.  Despite the money spent, the long drive, and the lack of dragon boat races, we still had a great time.  Days like these really cater to TJ's love of the beach, and my love of things not on the!!  Something for everyone ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

World Famous Camp Hansen Mud Run

TJ and I used to do 5K's all the time.  They are so much fun, easy to train for, and get us out and about.  Since having Parker we haven't done one, despite their being every single weekend here.  The Mud Run has been advertised EVERYWHERE here and as soon as the price dropped from $50 to $25 we decided to sign up.  Last year we heard there wasn't too much mud and it was a lot of fun.  I was so excited!!! 

When we first got to the race we ended up locking our keys, wallets (with ID's), phones, and money all in the car thinking that we could hide the keyless remote in the gas compartment and the keyless entry button would still work; well it didn't!  Lucky for us our neighbors were there with our other neighbors number that we called and they drove our spare key up.  Needless to say the afternoon got off to a bit of a rocky start.

In addition to the key fiasco, the race was rather unorganized (like any MCCS function or activity) and they let everyone go at the same time.  This created a 45 minute bottleneck about 1/2 mile into the race.  The wait was infuriating, but once we got to the first mud pit the wait was over and it was smooth sailing from there.  There was SO. MUCH. MUD!!!  Sometimes I was up to my neck wading through thick muddy sludge.  TJ even asked me at one point how many people I thought had already peed in the puddle we were wading through...shudder!!!

The race ended up being an absolute blast!!  Not only did we get some fun exercise in, but we got to do it together!  I'm so grateful for TJ and for how much fun he is to be around.  I'm also grateful for MCCS (even though we have a love/hate relationship) for putting on races like these ones at such an affordable price!!  We are totally doing this next year!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Soccer Loving Family

So the plan for this years soccer season was to enjoy it from the sidelines...Dominik gets to run around with some friends while I hang out on the sidelines letting Parker burn off some!!!  Well low and behold, Dominik's coach dropped out last minute leaving 11 sweet little 5-6 year olds without a coach; and without a soccer season.  MCCS assured us they were doing all in their powers to find one, but not to get our hopes up...In other words, they weren't doing anything to find a replacement and were trying to soften the blow.

So...instead of sitting on the glorious sidelines, TJ and I said we would coach.  Since it's peewee soccer I got to coach from the field and TJ had to stand behind the goal and coach from there.  There were 8 games in total (1 every Saturday) and 2 practices a week.  Quite the commitment!! 

So while I may not have been able to enjoy from the sidelines, the season actually went quite well.  We were undefeated, Dominik made a ton of new friends, and I got quite the tan ;)  I'm also really glad for the time it afforded me with my sweet boy.  Since Parker has been born I haven't really had the chance to spend too much quality time with him.  Playing soccer with him gave me a lot of really great one-on-one time that we desperately needed.  I sure love my little boy and his can-do attitude.  He may not have been the best on the team, but he always showed up and always had a great attitude!!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I would like to say that Easter was a huge hit, that we all had cute matching Sunday outfits, and that my children loved their Easter baskets; Unfortunately that would be a lie...We did however, make it to church on time, had a lovely dinner with friends, and when asked what Easter is all about Dominik will reply "Christ's resurrection."  Seems like a success to me!!  The only thing that would have made it better would be if TJ were her to enjoy it with us!!  The real reason we were on time to church (actually 30 minutes early) is because we dropped him off at the airport before church.  He has a CE course in San Diego and then will be visiting the family for an additional week. 

This Easter I had plenty of time to reflect on what the Atonement means in my life.  With the addition of another baby into our family I am reminded of how blessed I am to have been born into the covenant and know the promised blessing of eternal life with my family.  I know that my redeemer lives and that he loves me.  I know that through the atonement, my imperfect self can be made clean.  I know that through my struggles I can yoke up with the Lord and He will carry the brunt of my burden and they will be made light.  I know that Christ's church was restored in the Latter Days through the prophet Joseph Smith, and that since that time there has been a prophet ordained of God to lead and guide that church.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that through the Atonement all man kind may be saved as long as they will endure to the end and endure it well.  I love Easter and for the time it gives to remind us of all our blessings that are a direct result of the Atonement!!  We are so blessed!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

2nd Annual Yaka EggSplosion

I absolutely love the idea a friend gave me last year to separate the Easter Bunny from Easter.  I never really liked the idea of a giant bunny bringing me a basket of treats anyway; and I still don't know how I feel about Santa getting all the credit for the gifts on I'm taking back Bunny Day!  Bunny day is the celebrations on the Saturday before Easter.  We do egg hunts, egg dying, the bunny, pretty much all the commercial stuff.  We call it bunny day and we have a blast.  This way, Sunday can be Easter.  All things Christ.  We focus on the Atonement...what it is and what it means to us.  Our kids love it, and we in turn love it...and I get credit for the Easter Baskets!! Win-win!!

So this year for "Bunny Day" we hosted the second annual Yaka EggSplosion.  Most of our neighbors had other plans, so we decided to invite our church friends and even they invited some of their friends.  Activities like these are the more the merrier!!  This activity was a potluck and bring 12 eggs per hunter.  Everyone arrived and enjoyed the food and then the Easter Bunny made his appearance.  Parker still had great distaste for him and this time went as far as to hit him in the face...whoops!!  After dinner the parents hid the eggs while the kids swam, and then the EggSplosion commenced. 

Each child found his/her 12 allotted eggs, and then were allowed to find the rest of the eggs.  One egg had a hermit crab in it...hehehe!!  The evening was filled with sugar rushed children and a nice toasty bon fire!  We are so lucky to live near the ocean and to have such great friends to enjoy it with!!