And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Hero 5

For over a month I have been planning Dominik's 5th birthday; however, all plans were contingent on the weather being sunny and a perfect 75 degrees.  For the 7 days leading up into the party the forecast was just that.  I was totally elated and just knew this would be the perfect party in all regards.  The bounce house would go up, the dune buggy would be fully charged, the food would be hot and ready, the d├ęcor would leave nothing wanted, and the cherry on top would be the Big Hero 6 movie projected onto the side of our house for that real "Drive-in movie feel".  I realize that Dominik could care less, but I love a putting on parties that look like they just stepped off a Pinterest board. 

So, when our neighbors were setting up for their outdoor Karaoke "adults only" party literally right next door (in a duplex neighborhood), I knew things were not getting off on the right foot.  Queue black derailing right before my eyes.  About 10 minutes before guests started to arrive all the decorations and food were raced back into the house; a house that had been neglected for weeks due to party preparations.  I was devastated, but luckily for me, the soggy decorations and messy house were not getting my sweet little 5 year old down.  He made the best of things and had a blast with his friends.  The adults chatted, the kids played, and the party ended up turning out great.

Since Parkers 1 year old bash Dominik has been talking about the cake smash.  He wanted his own personal cake that he could smash his face into.  I was pretty certain that he would back out, but into the cake he went...until the icing started burning his eyes and he promptly washed it off in the bathroom...whoops, probably shouldn't have used so much black dye for those Baymax eyes! 

The party was finished off with Big Hero 6 being projected onto a sheet over our sliding glass doors and the kids thought that was just the coolest!  Combining that with home made caramel corn (just like mom used to make it), and freshly popped pop corn, the night ended up being pretty great. 

5 Years Old

Dominik is 5 years old!  He is such a sweet, fun, energetic, empathetic, little boy.  He plays well with other kids, always roots for the underdog (especially when he is playing soccer), and is the best big brother his parents could ask for.  We are so blessed to have such a special little boy in our home, and cant wait for all the new adventures that await!! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy 29th...for the 4th Time

Happy Birthday to my sweet and special best friend.  I'm so lucky that I married this handsome, optimistic, adventurous, father of my children, man.  He keeps me active and definitely on my toes.  Even though his hair is turning salt'n'pepper, I think he is hotter than ever!!

We started off the celebrations with a pedicure at Cocok's on the seawall.  TJ loves his feet rubbed and since that is on my list of "won't do's," I decided to pay someone to do it for me ;)  Of course we went with our friends Andrew and Justien, and we all loved being pampered and celebrating TJ.  After the pampering we headed down to Bella Napoli's for "Napoli Day."  Pizza's there are $10 each on "Napoli Day" and finally in our year and a half here we finally found some good American style pizza.  No mayonnaise, no teriyaki chicken, and definitely no seaweed.  The view left nothing to be desired either. 

Deciding to marry TJ was the best decision of my life.  I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime...and it's days like these that I'm reminded what a blessing he is!