And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Home Evening

Each Monday we try our best to have Family Home Evening.  Granted some lessons are better than others (usually contributing to my preparation level), but we always have some sort of a song, lesson, activity, and a treat.  Since some Monday night FHE's are counted as home teaching of the YSA's (young single adults from Camp Hansen), Taryn and I figured we would bandwagon on with some Visiting Teaching and invite everyone for one epic Family Home Evening.

The evening was held at the beach by our house and started early enough so that we could enjoy the most sunlight as possible.  TJ started off by giving a lesson on Nephi being commanded to build a ship to carry his family to the Promised Land.  He tied it into how Heavenly Father commands us to do things, but will always prepare a way for us to do so.  We then had an activity where like Nephi we had to use the supplies we could find on the beach in order to build our own ship.  This ship did not have to carry our family to the Promised Land...but it did need to float.  The lesson and activity were a lot of fun, and a great way to get everyone thinking and participating.

FHE was concluded with some smores and an awesome camp grateful for my Eagle Scout hubby!!  Jack of all trades that one!!  I'm so thankful for the people in our branch and for the opportunity we have to share awesome FHE's like this one!! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rite of Passage

The first haircut always symbolizes the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood in my eyes.  We waited to cut Dominik's hair until he was 13 months and it because a hazard due to little to no visibility.  The hair was constantly in his eyes and just out of control. With Parker he was born with a TON of hair.  Even the nurses commented on how it is usually the Mexican babies that have that much hair.  Now if Parker was a girl, the abundance of long flowing hair would have been welcomed...but somehow on a baby boy it just makes them look that much more feminine, despite all the blue and sporty outfits I put him in.  In addition to the hair giving Parker a girly look, it was also the perfect little incubator for the heat and humidity to sit on his head.  He had crazy cradle cap all the time and he was always dripping sweat.  The hair was like a perma hat that kept all his heat in. 

TJ was a bit reluctant at first, but after my incessant nagging (lets call it what it was)...he gave in!  We put the hair in a pony (yes there was plenty of hair to do that!) and then in one simple cut my sweet baby boy looked like a little toddler.  The hair cut was over relatively quickly, as his hair is still baby fine, and with a little bit of gel we had cute little stud muffin on out hands.  I just can't get over how cute he is with his hair all spikey!!  Makes his sweet little dimple stick out that much more!!! He is so stinking cute it kills me!!!

6 Months Old

6 Months Stats -
Weight: 17.75 lbz - 48%
Height: 28.74 inches - 97%
Head Circ: 46cm - 94%

6 months old and it feels so good.  He's mobile and growing leaps and bounds each day.  I love seeing his new expressions and skills as the world becomes a lot larger.  Parker is rolling from front-to-back and then back-to-front.  He can see what he wants that is just out of reach and work his body to go get it.  He recognizes faces and will giggle at just about anything.  He is sleeping from 8:30pm until around 5am and eats every 3-4 hours still.  He is just starting to nap in his crib, and will fall asleep all on his own  (with mommy or daddy still in the room).  Naps are 2-3 times a day and last for 1-2 hours depending on how quiet big brother can be.  Around 5 1/2 months we started feeding him some green veggies and will eat about 1/2 a container...then he likes to play with the spoon.  We like calling Parker "Parker-P," "Pookie bear," "Parkey," and "Pooper." 

Parker is a co-sharer of the center of all TJ and I's attention.  He is happy ALL. THE. TIME!!  His big brother is the bee's knees and he will laugh at just about anything Dominik does.  Parker is content to roll around on his playmat for an hour or so to give mommy and daddy some time to get things done.  His favorite toy is his Sophie Giraffe, although he is pretty content playing/sucking on just about anything.  We are loving this stage of new found mobility with Parker and look forward to watching Parker's world get larger and larger as he learns more and more!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Date

After having Parker, TJ and I have had a hard time getting back into the routine of date nights.  Weeks will go by until we realize that we have spent little to no kids jumping, laying, or climbing all over us.  While we find it incredibly important to spend time as a family, it is also important that we spend quality time with just the two of us.  So we booked a babysitter, dropped the kids off, and headed out to the local golf course.

The golf course was a simple 9 holes that were mostly par 3.  The weather could not have been more perfect, and every so often a military plane would fly closely overhead providing some fun entertainment.  At one point we even saw a turtle crossing the fairway.  I tried to get in for a close picture of how close my ball landed to the cute turtle, but he (yes, I'm giving it a gender) kept hissing at me and looked clearly annoyed that I would disturb his evening stroll.

After golf TJ and I were both starving so we drove down to a Yaki-niku restaurant that a local Okinawan recommended to us.  Yaki-niku style meals really lend to good conversation, as the meal is quite interactive and is a bit of a longer process then going to a traditional order off a menu restaurant.  TJ is an excellent griller and the food was quite delicious.  Not quite as good as the other Yaki-niku restaurant we frequent, but still pretty tasty. 

Dinner was finished and our fantastic date was over.  I'm so lucky to have such a fun eternal companion that I can have a BLAST with on any given Friday.  After evenings like this one, I really recognize the need for one on one date nights with just TJ and I, sans kids.  Not only does it help us connect with one another, but it allows us the time that is necessary for us to strengthen our marriage; our eternal marriage.  I definitely foresee many more hot dates like this one in our near future!!!

First Foods

Lots of firsts coming down the pike for our growing little boy!  First foods came around 5 1/2 months, and are proving to be quite enjoyable.  We are still working on the mechanics of taking a bite and swallowing, and blowing raspberries seem to be pretty fun...but TJ and I are confident that he is getting it.

Parkers first foods ended up being at a local udon ended up working well because the mess was not at my house...The final verdict was that while yes he likes to eat solid food, he is not too much of a fan of them green beans.

He has enjoyed tasting all the wonderful new flavors, and as of now...carrots are his favorite!!  We look forward to expanding Parkers palate and the coordination to eat a bit less messy!!