And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

All Good Things Come to an End

We are so very lucky that Grandma came to town to visit us!  While parting this afternoon was very sad...these past three weeks have been so much fun!! We understand how expensive it is for people to come visit us, and we feel so blessed when they do.  During Grandmas trip she got to meet Parker, see our day to day activities, and explore a little bit of Okinawa.  It's going to be a long 8 months until we get to see her again, but we look forward to it!!! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tide Pool Hunting

We wanted to make sure my mom left with a full sense of what life is like here on Okinawa.  Since the sea life is a huge part of the draw to Okinawa, but it's too cold to snorkel this time of year, we figured that hunting through the tide pools was the perfect compromise.

This Saturday the weather was a tad bit cool, and it sprinkled on and off...but it was just perfect for us native north westerners.

We saw a TON of sea urchins, sea slugs (yuck), and neon blue fish.  Every once in a while we would catch a starfish...and the highlight of the hunt was getting to hold a crab, and pet an octopus.  Lucky for us, some locals caught the crab and octopus and thought Dominik was so cute that they let him pet them. 

Overall the hunt was a success.  Afterwards we hit up a local pizza joint and enjoyed a beautiful view of the East China Sea.  The perfect end to the perfect day!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Beach BBQ

Barbecues on the beach are something of the norm around here during the warmer months.  Back in the states March would definitely not be considered one of the "warmer" months, but here in Okinawa every now and then the sun is shining, and the temperature is perfect enough to enjoy some delicious dinner on the beach. 

With the help of our little charcoal grill, and our sportsbrella (it was a tad bit windy) we cooked up some chicken that was accompanied by some brown rice, spinach salad, and chips'n'dip.  The water was clear, the sun was setting, and the company could not have been better (Maddie and Steve joined us while Mary Anne is still in Tokyo).  Such a fun night!!


Wouldn't have been a Beach BBQ without a little fire playing ;)  boys will be boys I guess!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Okuma is a great little resort about an hour north of our house here in Okinawa.  Since Grandma is here visiting we wanted to do something special for her and for Dominik's birthday, and Okuma was just the ticket.  We rented a little suite right on the beach that had one bedroom with two beds (grandma was a trooper for sharing one with Dominik), and the a living room with a fridge and microwave.  Just enough for a fun filled few days. 

While at Okuma we went on a bike ride, played on the beach, flew a kite, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, explored some of the nearby waterfalls, played miniature golf, and watched movies.  We also celebrated Dominik's birthday (his actual birthday) with presents and cake, and then topped off with watching the Smurfs.

Okuma is such a beautiful place, made even better when you have great company to share it with!!

Aquarium with Grandma

If you come and visit Okinawa, the Ocean Expo Park is a must see stop during your trip; grandmas trip was no exception!  The aquarium is the second largest aquarium in the world (second only to the one in Atlanta, Georgia), and is home to three large whale sharks that are harbored in a three story tall tank. 

Grandma and Dominik had a blast looking at all of the sea life, and discovering creatures that are native to this side of the pacific ocean.  We were able to watch a dolphin show, feed the dolphins, see the inside of a shark (model replicas) watch the whale sharks be fed, and so much more (grandma even flirted with one of the sea turtles).  Unfortunately we were accompanied by a few littles who only had the stamina for a few hours...but we were still able to see and do so much.  We are so glad grandma is here!!