And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Superman or Wonderwoman?

Our 20 week ultra sound has been anxiously anticipated since we found out we were pregnant. Would Dominik get to play with a Superman, or would we be adding the unchartered territory of a Wonderwoman?  This pregnancy is unlike anything I experienced with Dominik.  I was sick with him, but as long as I ate regularly I was fine.  With this pregnancy if I go a day without throwing up we call it a good day.  It seems like no matter what I do I am sick...well that was until my doctor gave me some Zolfran and it pretty much cured me!  Even without the nausea the pregnancy feels different.  Different to the point that I was pretty sure it was a girl.  Having a girl terrified me...growing up with all brothers I am comfortable with the idea of raising boys...lets be frank, I was pretty much a boy until around the time I hit high school. 

Any who...I wanted a boy, someone Dominik could play with and have more in common with despite the 4 year age difference; however, I was pretty sure it was a girl.  TJ wanted a boy, but more so to justify bringing 10 huge Rubbermaid containers of boys clothes all the way to Japan.  He is a practical one that TJ ;) 

So fast forward to the ultra sound.  Dominik and I got to the Radiology appointment a bit early and they took us back into the room with the understanding that TJ would be sent back as soon as he arrived.  Dominik was visibly nervous sitting across the dark room from me.  Not so much because he was worried for himself, but he wanted to make sure I was safe.  About 5 minutes into it, Dominik said "Mom...Mom."  I replied with a "what."  To which he replied with a confident "You're doing great Mom."  It completely melted my heart!
TJ finally arrived and I swear the ultrasound tech took pictures of everything multiple times before she looked south of the babies hips.  So...this is the moment we were anticipating greatly for 20 weeks.  Superman or Wonderwoman...

It's a boy!!  We are so excited!!  Dominik is going to make the best big brother!  When we asked him what we should name the baby he replied with a "Wolverine, no wait, Dominik...I'll be Wolverine!"  He was pretty proud of himself for coming up with that idea!  We are all greatly anticipating the new arrival in 20ish weeks and can't wait to see how our family evolves with this new addition!!!

Here are a few pics of our very active little boy!

Okuma Take 2

Since we had so much fun at Okuma for TJ's work party we decided to make a weekend trip out of it with some friends this time!  As soon as TJ, Steve, and Grant got off of work we all headed out.  Okuma is only about an hour away and is a really pretty military resort.  Well...pretty for military standards.  We rented a small log cabin for the night and it actually turned out to be really nice; air conditioned and everything! 

When we got up there it was too late for swimming, but just late enough for a quick dinner and then a bon fire!  We chatted around the fire, roasted smore's and saw a ton of big bugs...cicada!  Luckily the Maddie was there who is the bug warrior.  I swear that girl should be a boy scout!  She even found a HUGE hermit crab outside the ladies restroom and held it for most of the evening. I'm pretty sure we could have boiled the thing, dipped it in butter, and called it dinner.  Probably would have fed everyone. 


3 way kiss :)
The next day we enjoyed the beach at Okuma for a bit and then decided it was a bit too populated for our taste.  We headed south towards home and found several beautiful and isolated beaches that were perfect for uninterrupted snorkeling.  From this beach we saw Nemo fishies (aka clown fish), puffer fish, giant blue star fish, and quite a few more.  Once again Maddie found a TON of hermit crabs to which she collected in Dominik's sand pail.  Dominik was content to play on the beach and hold onto TJ's neck while they snorkeled around looking for cool fishies. 

The weekend could not have gone better.  Even though it rained several times, it was all while we were in our cabins and out its course.  We are so grateful for the beautiful island we have to explore and the abundance of great friends we have to explore it with!  We are pretty lucky!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fishing with Friends

One of the biggest draws to the Okinawan life style is the abundance of fish; fish to swim with, fish to look at, and most to eat!!!  Lucky for us, TJ's commanding officer LOVES to fish...if there were a word that meant more than love, that would be how his boss feels about fishing.  For Commander Le it is about the experience; the feeling of reeling in the big one, holding your newly caught and squirming friend, and most importantly...getting that photo!

When Commander Le asked TJ and Grant if they wanted to join him on a chartered fishing tour it was a no brainer.  $120 and a day (literally a full day, sun up to sun down) of fun with friends we jumped at the opportunity.  However, I was more of a supporter from shore (shore/our house...same thing) with my already queasy tummy and that is on the unmoving dry land. 

TJ and Grant headed out last Saturday morning at 3:30 am and arrived at the dock around 4.  They trailed for fish all the way to the final destination which caused them to go pretty slowly.  They ended up catching a few fish, and were able to really enjoy the spectacular opportunity that would have probably been lost at high speeds.  Once they arrived to their destination all reels were cast and the waiting began. 

The day was long, but the bounty was great.  Grant and TJ caught a TON of fish and had such a fun time doing it!  We now have a freezer full of Mahi-Mahi and are excited to experiment with a ton of new recipes!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Backyard Beach BBQ

We were so excited that the weather is finally cooling off a bit and we have such awesome neighbors that we decided to have a backyard (technically a front yard) BBQ on the beach.  TJ and I brought the hotdogs for roasting along with all the fixings and everyone else brought yummy side dishes.  There was swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, roasting some deliciousness over the awesome fire (compliments of my Eagle Scout Husband), and all around good food and great conversation. 



We are so excited to have many more nights like this over the next three years!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

This is a day I have been anticipating and dreading all at the same time.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity that Dominik will have to make friends, learn new things, and discover more things about himself...and yet I'm so sad to lose my little buddy.

In preparation for preschool we got his haircut, went shopping for lunches, got a backpack, school supplies, and a lunch box, and talked about all the things we wanted to learn this year.  He was so excited to go to preschool that I have never seen him get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast in such a chipper mood.

As soon as I dropped him off he was off.  All the other kids stood clinging to their parents, and it was all Dominik could do to not literally push me out of the parking lot.  He did say bye, give me a kiss, and tell me that he loves me...but that was it for formalities and he was off.  I'm not going to lie...I did shed quite a few tears and sent a quick text of sadness to TJ over our all grown up "big boy."  I look forward to hearing about all of his experiences this year and can't wait to watch him grow...just not too fast!!


We have recently been introduced to the world of Yakiniku...according to Wikipedia, Yakiniku (焼き肉 or 焼肉), meaning "grilled meat", is a Japanese term which, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat dishes.  This is a fantastic restaurant where it's 2,000 yen and is all you can eat buffet of meats, veggies, and a ton of different side dishes.  They bring everything to your table and then you cook the raw meat right on your table. 

Last night after the aquarium we were meeting a few friends here and were greatly anticipating our all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ dinner.  A bit of a back story...on our drive there we saw the most spectacular thing I have seen on the island.  On the sidewalk of a 4 lane highway there was a man walking his cow!!  I have heard of this in happening in the rural parts of Okinawa, but was impressed to see this man walking his cow on a very busy street.  Funny stuff goes down on this island!!

Anywho...the restaurant was authentic Japanese where you have to take off your shoes upon entry and stick them in a locker.  At the table there was a grill and lots of different sauces that you could mix together and form your own personalized dipping sauce.  The waitress brought out all sorts of meat and veggie goodness.  Scallops, squid, fresh tomatoes, salad, fried chicken balls, steak, chicken, French fries (for Dominik), and so much more.  We all ate until our tummies hurt, and then we enjoyed some ice cream.

Dominik gave the restaurant 2 thumbs up!
While the dinner was a bit on the pricey side, it was still such a fun conversational dinner that we all enjoyed.  This is definitely a restaurant we will frequent!!