And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2nd Annual Dental Ball

Technically the Naval Dental Program is 101, but for TJ and I this is the second one we have attended.  Last year, the one in Bethesda MD was incredibly formal.  Full gowns, dress whites, waiters wearing full tuxedos, and so forth.  This year, perhaps it is the laid back island mentality, but it was so much fun.  There was a 20s theme, gambling (with fake money), delicious food served banquet style, and everyone was so laid back and relaxed (even the admirals).

In the spirit of the 20's TJ and I got all dressed up, met up with the George's and the Layton's and headed to the party.  Luckily (for TJ) the birthday ball fell on the same evening as my 28th birthday and ended up being a fabulous way to spend my birthday (I was a bit skeptical at first).  We ate till our bellies hurt, learned how to play craps (it is much easier when you are not losing your own money), and enjoyed in good conversation with our friends. 

I'm so grateful for the Navy and all they continue to do for our family.  The dental ball was such a blast and a great way to spend my birthday.  I feel so blessed to be able to surround myself with so many others who serve and fight for our countries freedom.  I look forward several more years of dental balls!

The Quirky Things

In our short time on the island we have found so many great things!  The food is amazing, the beaches are spectacular, and we have made so many friends.  However, in addition to the great...there are also some very quirky things that we just find humorous. 

Some of the "quirky" material might not be suitable for little eyes ;)

This is a squatter toiled and is apparently quite common in Asian countries.  My first encounter with one of these was in the Tokyo airport when I was feeling extremely nauseous and needed a toilet to throw up in.  When I walked into what I thought was the women's bathroom, however, these squatter toilets look like a urinal that has been placed in the ground.  I was afraid that I had walked into the men's bathroom so I quickly exited the restroom to find the women's before a man had the chance to walk in.  I was surprised to see that I had indeed entered the women's restroom...and figured that they just had funny toilets.  I walked past this squatter toilet and ended up finding a clean American toilet that was perfect to relieve of my nausea in. 
Apparently these squatter toilets are just squat over.  They are even equipped with a pole for you to steady your self with while you go to the bathroom.  My only other encounter with one was when Dominik had to go #2 and this was all I could find.  I'm still not sure how a #2 would work in a squatter...I'm up for any ideas/suggestions in case this scenario reoccurs.
These little geckos are everywhere...and by everywhere...I mean all over my house.  At first I would try and catch them and put them outside, but I was recently informed that they actually eat the bugs.  Now I find them to be welcome guests.  I just wish that they didn't run so fast and appear at first to be bugs.  They also shed their tails when they get scared...finding gecko tails in my house is definitely not too fun.  I would take it over a large spider any day though.
Like most languages, when translating into English, sometimes the translations can be quite humorous.  In this case, the translation and the graphics are quite silly.  There are signs like this all over that make TJ and I chuckle...

Last, and certainly the least welcome of the quirky things we have found are these banana spiders.  They are HUGE and gross...and I have been told that while they are relatively harmless, their bites still hurt.  I yet to run across one unexpectadely...but I can promise you that when I do, I will either pass out, or go into cardiac arrest. I just hope that the geckos are able to keep them at bay (even if they are 1/16th of their size).


Apparently prior to our arrival in Okinawa, TJ's new dental office met their quarterly goals and won an office day party at a resort called Okuma on the northern tip of Okinawa.  The trip was scheduled for Friday August 23rd and even though TJ didn't contribute to the meeting of goals, we were all still invited.

So, last Friday instead of going to work, we loaded up the car and headed to Okuma for a fun day of family and friend fun.  Okuma was a beautiful resort with a white sandy beach, plenty of sea crestations and fishies to observe, and a cool island for exploring.  Dominik and TJ had a blast exploring and swimming, and I had fun relaxing on the beach. 

We had so much fun at Okuma that we have planned a family trip for end of September.  Stay tuned for more information on the fun that goes down then ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Next Adventure

The wait for baby #2 has been long and very emotional...however, the day is finally here!  Just had our first doctors visit and the baby is happy, healthy, and growing...just the way we like them!  I am currently 14 weeks along and the baby's grand arrival should happen on or around February 14th, 2014.

Dominik is a super excited big brother and is insistent that while he will love his baby brother/sister, he will not share his big boy room with him/her.  Hopefully he grows out of that one before the baby comes. 

TJ and I anxiously await the arrival of our little baby and are so excited to welcome him/her into our new home in Okinawa, Japan.  Boy or girl, we just want a healthy baby that we can love and snuggle :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Way of Life

Growing up in the beautiful northwest did not warrant too many beach trips. The occasional day trip, and the very infrequent overnight beach trip typically happened once or twice a year...and was rarely "the perfect beach day."  The days on the Oregon Beaches are usually overcast, windy, and most commonly rainy.  However, growing up in the northwest, you don't take the beach for granted.  It is still a beautiful creation that was put on this earth for our wonderment and enjoyment...and as Oregonians, we did just that!  Beach days were always a blast, no matter how cold, how rainy, how windy, or even how hot (that happened very infrequently). 

Well...Fast forward to the present...we live on a tropical island (technically it's a sub-tropical) and instead of a mere annual activity, being a beach bum is going to be a way of life.  Beautiful white sandy beaches are only minutes away in almost all directions. In addition to public beaches, there is also private islands you can ferry to, beautiful resorts that are very reasonably priced, and even a beach right outside our front door.

 This past weekend we went on our first beach trip.  We went to an island just west of the mainland and only a 30 minutes drive.  When we pulled up we were surrounded by local people and I was partly worried there was going to be a rumble...locals vs. new comers.  Lucky for us, the Japanese are so kind and welcoming that we didn't have any problems. 

The beach was beautiful as to be expected.  The weather was a bit toasty, but the water was refreshing and we found plenty of shade near the large rocks on the beach.  Dominik, TJ, and Maddie George swam around, and I on the other hand took a nap on the sand.  The scenery was picturesque and there was a cool breeze rolling off the water that made the day just about perfect.  I could definitely get used to this!!! 

Whose ready to come visit ;) !?!?!?!?!?