And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love is in the Air

What a fabulous Valentines day it was this year! For us Valentines day usually means a quiet dinner at home (usually including lots of seafood), perhaps some homemade Valentines gifts, and just a lot of love all around.  I typically dress Dominik up in a spectacularly cheesy Valentines outfit and then we do some activity during the day...

Well this Valentines was no exception...except for instead of being a one day activity, this stretched out into more of a week long Valentin extravaganza.  So. Much. Fun!!

We started off on the actual Valentines day getting the night off when Steve and Maryanne offered to watch lil D.  TJ and I went to see Safe Haven (the new Nicholas Sparks chick flick) and then out to a sushi dinner at Rolls N' Rice.  The movie was great (TJ agrees...don't let him tell you any different), and the food was average (it's hard to enjoy any sushi after you have eaten at Fugi's!), but the night was spectacular!  I sure love my hubster!!!  He treats me like a Queen!!

Since we still wanted to partake of some seafood goodness, we decided to have a seafest on Saturday night and make it a family affair with the Georges.  We had crab, lobster, shrimp ceveche, clam chowder, and Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits.  The meal was amazing!!!  I was constantly reminding myself that the next three years will be one continuous seafest and for that I CANNOT wait!!!!!

This valentines day was simply splendid and reminded me how incredibly blessed I am to have so many loved ones around to celebrate with!  I am one lucky gal to have such an incredible husband and son who make my life so much more wonderful!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Typically we try to refrain from watching sports on typically I mean only if there is not a good game on.  Super Bowl Sunday, however, is definitely a game we think is worth watching.  This year the 49ers (after an almost 20 year hiatus) returned with a Reno native Kapernick as their quarter back (bad blood between Kapernick and my dad...apparently he didn't take it easy on BYU when he played for UNR).  They were playing the Baltimore Ravens and due to our current location being in Maryland, the game was shaping up to be that much better.

To make the game more interesting TJ created a B-I-N-G-O game for the guys and Mary Anne created a little bet of freezer meals for the girls.  There was a chance to win cash money and meals for your family (better than money I think). 

The Georges hosted the party at their house and all the people from TJ's dental office were there, as well as our good friends the Durrants from church.  There was a HUGE spread of food (thankfully I had the day off from my diet), and lots of fun people to talk to, not to mention a great game on in the background. 

The game was kind of a blow out in the beginning, but thanks to a 30 minute power outage in the third quarter the Ravens lost their momentum and the 49ers brought the game back to within 3 points late in the 4th quarter.  Unfortunately they just couldn't pull it out, and the Ravens won 34-31.  Matt and Justine took home all the freezer meals :( and everyone else won the cash...did I mention that TJ and I were the most unlucky people on the planet!! I'm pretty sure my mom took all the luck from us kids!!

Any ways...the evening was a blast, win...or lose!!  We all left so full that our stomachs hurt and we had awful heart burn.  It was sad that the 49ers couldn't pull it out in the end, but I'm hopeful since it is a young enough team that next year could be their year!!!