And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vegas Weddings

You know those times when you just do a vacation right; perfect weather, fun activities, your son cooperates and is in good spirits, and you pack everything you need!  This was definitely one of those vacations.  Our last trip did not fair so well, when nearing the end of our trip all three of us got ridiculously sick (and then arriving to the airport 12 hours early, but that is neither here nor there).  So when Dominik woke up the morning prior to our trip covered in throw up, needless to say TJ and I were having flashback nightmares and were worried this was going to be a wedding part 2 kind of a trip.  Lucky for us Dominik just had a little 24 hour bug and was off and ready to go by the time we headed out for the airport.

We took a late flight out of Portland and didn't arrive in Las Vegas until 11:30pm.  When you have a 2 year old whose attitude is determined by the amount of sleep he gets, pushing his bedtime back 2 hours was a risky move! Dominik ended up doing phenomonally and actually slept the whole week like a champ.  We rolled into Overton around 12:45 am"ish" and all three of us basically crashed as soon as we got there!

The next day was the day before the wedding and "luckily" TJ's tuxedo pants were insanely tight and about five inches too short.  While TJ would have probably loved to rock them at the wedding, I was not a fan.  So, Friday was spent running errands all over vegas...Dominik is usually not the best car traveler for long periods of time, especially when he is in and out and in and out of his carseat.  So in an attempt to avoid tantrums we just bought him a million basketballs, a basketball hoop that attached to the handle above his door, and even a basketball hat.  Combine that with several sippies of juice and some chicken nuggets, and he was a perfect little child (does it make us bad parents to resort so easily to bribery?).  We were able to get all of the errands done and make it back to Overton by dinner time.  Tommy made dinner that night too so we definitely wanted to see that with our own eyes :) 

Saturday was wedding day, and a simply beautiful day at that!  The weather was perfect, the kids were all happy, and best of all...Jeremy and Meressa looked great and as happy as could be!  I'm so glad that we could be apart of Jeremy and Meressas special day and welcomed the newest member to our Finlayson family.  Pictures outside of the temple were just perfect.  The weather and kids cooperated exteremly well and I think they got some great ones!  The picture of Jeremy and Meressa with all their neices and nephews was definitely a trying time, but the kids all put on their best cheesy faces and it turned out really cute.  However, leave it to Dominik to start picking his nose mid-shoot and then proceed to show his daddy the booger that he was able to extract from up there.  It was hilarious and I'm pretty sure it's also in every picture.  Good times...good times!!! 


The day ended with a beautiful reception full of dancing, good food, and great conversation.  Meressa looked simply amazing, and it was so cute to see Dominik loving up on her!  He LOVES his auntie Meressa!!!   We are so happy for Jeremy and Meressa and wish them the best of luck as the begin their new married life together.

The rest of the week was full of rest and relaxation; just our style!  We had a barbecue at the park, ate lots of food, saw some friends in Vegas, and Mike built me some fabulous decorative pieces that TJ was super excited about (there is definitely a LOT of sarcasm with that last part). 

My new decorative wall hanging/palate!!!  THANKS MIKE!!!!!!

The flight home was bitter sweet.  Dominik pretty much slept the whole time too, so that was a huge blessing! We were sad to leave family, but happy to arrive at home and get things in order before we start back up with school again.  Luckily we get to see them again soon! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

1 Week, 2 Birthdays, 3 Parties

So March is a great time for our family; we have the celebration of two birthdays!  While this can be a very stressful time, it is also a very fun and festive time.  Especially because we have so many friends and family who live close enough to celebrate with.  TJ's birthday is on the 11th and this year was the big 29...the birthday before everything starts to go down hill :)

TJ didn't want to do anything big this year, and lucky for him, I am in the middle of student teaching...little parties just aren't my style.  His birthday was also on a Sunday, so a small, quiet, family dinner was definitely in order.  TJ picked out his favorite meal of tri-tip, twice baked potatoes, salad, and rosemary foccocia bread, with a butterfinger bomb cake for dessert.  He got a lot of great presents and we all had a lot of fun.  I'm hoping that this year brings many great things for TJ.  The big 3-0 is next year, so we wish him luck on his final year of the blessed twenties :)

***A bit of a disclaimer before I get started about Dominik's birthday party...TJ rigged a basketball hoop to stay up using only a paper clip (quite the MacGyver right!).  Dominik was playing basketball on the Friday before his birthday and went behind the hoop to get a basketball.  Long story short...he tripped a fell at the exact spot that the paper clip would slice right up his face.  Pretty much from chin to the top of his forehead, just barely hopping over his left eye.  We feel so incredibly blessed that it somehow jumped over his eye, but still feel like horrible parents none-the-less.  Any-who...onto the story...

Dominik's birthday was on the 18th which is exactly 1 week after daddies.  This year was the big 2; the year that a boy moves from baby into toddler hood.  He certainly has looked like a toddler for a while now with his incredibly tall genes, so we are glad that he is starting to act the part instead of merely looking it.  Because this was out last year in Portland for a while for Dominik's birthday we wanted to do something fun and yet still easy.  We recently talked to some friends who did their daughters 2nd birthday at Pump it Up (inflatable toy party's) and they just loved it.  I called and set up the party for Saturday the 17th and am SOOOO glad I made that choice.  The party was awesome!  The kids and adults had a blast, it was the perfect amount of time, and best of clean up or set-up.  They even brought everything inside when we got their and packed everything back up in our car at the end.  What a great time!

On Dominiks actual birthday (which was Sunday) TJ and I woke him up early for church by singing a nice medly of "Happy Birthday."  Needless to say (or show by the picture below) that he was not too happy to be woken up.  Later that day we had a small family get together full of Dominik's favorites.  Favorite meal, favorite people, and favorite dessert.  We ate chicken, fruit salad, sweet potato fries, and root beer floats.  Dominik got a load of presents and he absolutely loves each and every one of them...okay, okay, so he's not too partial on the clothes, but his mama sure loves them!!! 

We had an insanely busy week full of birthdays, food, and presents, but I feel so blessed to have two such amazing guys in my life and I just relish in the opportunity to celebrate both of them!!!!  I hope and pray that this is a great year for both of them, especially with all the changes coming our way!!!!