And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lots of Love at Home

So this Valentines Day I heard a lot of talk about how Valentines Day is so commercialized and is the evil ploy of retailers to make more money.  However, I say...why not reserve one day a year to celebrate all the love in one's life?  I'm not saying you need a partner of the opposite sex to enjoy Valentines Day; in fact, my little brother celebrated Valentines Day with my mom this year because my dad was out of town.  I think Valentines Day is a great way to acknowledge all the people you have in your life and the love that you share!  Well now I will step off my soap box and get on with our family's fabulous Valentines Day (or should I say Valentines week) activities. 

It pretty much started Friday night with our Stake's Valentines dance. Unfortunately TJ had to stay at school late so he only made it for the last few minutes.  He also had a sprained ankle, so dancing wasn't on the top of his list for fun Valentines Day Activities.  Anyways, Dominik was my date, and boy did he make a great one!  He loves to dance, but he also LOVES basketball.  Typically they do not overlap; unfortunately, the dance was in the gym at the stake center, so Dominik stood under the hoop the whole night saying "ball," "ball."  He did at one point dance with his little girlfriend Avery Atkinson, so that was pretty cute :)  We also were able to share a few dances, and when daddy got there we all slow danced together.  All in all, our stake did a great job putting together a V-day dance!

So on Valentines Day, which fell on a Tuesday, the festivities started at lunch time.  The Aspen Summit families got together so the kiddos could exchange Valentines and have lunch together.  We all brought Valentines Day inspired (red colored) food and the kids had a blast totally destroying the Atkinsons home.  Note to soda and white carpet will never be a good combination! Dominik was quite the ladies man sharing his valentines with three very cute little girls.  We also had the kiddos make a V-day craft for the daddies.  It was simple yet cute, and the daddies loved it!

Once daddy got home our little families festivities finally got started.  Dominik and I got Daddy a little valentines, and TJ got me some flowers and chocolate.  However, we did not get anything for Dominik (he got enough at his valentines day least that is what I tell myself to make me feel better).

These are the Valentines that Dominik gave out this year :) 
We decided that since my mom is our usual babysitter and she was going out with Uncle Curtis, we had better stay in.  We got some seafood from Costco, added a few little sides, and created quite the feast.  For dessert the Jameson's were doing a fundraiser by selling chocolate eclairs.  We bought two and ate those, and they were nothing short of AMAZING!!!  After dinner we played with Dominik and then put him to bed.  TJ and I stayed up and watched a movie.  Since it was a school night I felt bad keeping TJ up so late, but he was a very good sport about it!

All in all it was a great, great Valentines Day!!!  We made so many memories and had so much fun.  We really do have a lot of people we love in our life, and are so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate it. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter is Here...and it Smells like Basketball

Growing up with three brothers created a passion within me for the game of basketball.  Since my little brother Curtis was on a mission for the past two seasons our family has taken a bit of a hiatus from the game.  Well I'm happy to say that he is back, and basketball is in full swing in our household once again. 

Curtis plays for Mt. Hood Saints which is a community college in Gresham Oregon.  Tyson played there as well, so we are some pretty die hard fans!  The team this year is pretty good, so that makes the games even more enjoyable!  The games are every Wednesday and Saturday, and most are relatively close to home.  Dominik is a super fan, and absolutely loves watching his Uncle Curtis run up and down the court to shoot the "ball."  While Dominik is a great fan, it is hard for him to grasp the concept why the boys won't share the ball with him.  He sweats it out until half time when we let him and Brooklyn run around the court.  We look forward to the rest of the season, and wish Uncle Curtis and the rest of the Saints the best of luck!!!

In addition to watching the Saints play, last Friday Aunt Brandi gave TJ and Dominik tickets to the Blazers game.  They weren't just any tickets either, LeAnn's company bought a suite and provided some very delicious food as well.  Dominik was on cloud 9 as he watched the Blazers smash the Suns.  Although he was probably the most fascinated by the blimp that flew around at half time and dropped prizes down to the crowd.  The entire game was so much fun for TJ and Dominik (mommy got a night off, so it was pretty great for her too) to get to spend an evening of fun together!  A BIG thanks to LeAnn and Aunt Brandi!!!!