And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little People...Big Pumpkins

So for the last 6 years I have been wanting to go to the Roloff Farms out in Helvatia, OR.  It is where they filmed the TLC show Little People Big World; of which I am an avid fan.  It's about 45 min away, so it was always hard to rationalize a trip out there during the already busy holiday season.  Since this is our last year in Oregon during October for a while we decided that this was our year!

Our awesome friends and neighbor's the Finlinsons and the Atkinsons were gracious to make the drive with us and we all headed out together.  Of course we had to stop at McDonald's to grab a quick lunch, but that's besides the point.  When we got to the farm I quickly realized that it was everything I had expected!  They had a ton of stuff to do, which was surprisingly either free or pretty inexpensive. 

Dominik loved the petting zoo!!!  He wasn't afraid at all to feed the sheep/goats/lamas.  He even tried to feed the animals rocks when we ran out of food for them.  However, I don't think the animals were nearly as amused with this as Dominik was.

We got to pick out Dominik's perfect pumpkin.  He wanted the ones that were bigger than he was, but we finally convinced him that the little one was the way to go (especially at .40 cents a pound). 

We played on the hay pyramid.  TJ almost tripped a few times, it was rather slippery.

Dominik got a lot of fun play time with his besties!  They are pretty cute girls and Dominik is rather protective :)

We even got to see two of the Roloff Little People, and the Grandpa.  I decided it was rather creepy to just take a random photo when they were not expecting it (okay, so I really wanted to, but TJ advised against it).  But we did get to see them and it took the experience to a whole new level!

While it was fun to see some semi-famous little people, the experience with my family and friends was what made the trip simply perfect!  It feels very cliche to say it, but I do feel incredibly blessed to have such awesome family and friends around me!  We will forever have these great memories of the pumpkin patch and little people!