And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Evening with Jandy

TJ and I decided that we needed some family fun time so we called upon Jana and Andy to come play with us!  We started off the night at my all-time favorite pizzeria Wall Street Pizza.  While I feel their pizza is ridiculously over priced, it is oh so delicious, and their tossed salad with house-made Italian dressing is to-die-for!  I'm practically salivating all over the keyboard just typing about it :)  Not really, but almost!  We got 1/2 supreme with pineapple, and half Hawaiian (funny fact about Hawaiian: in Hawaii pizzeria's have never heard of pineapple on pizza...too funny right?) with a tossed salad with house-made Italian dressing, and a Diet Coke to complete the meal.  Of course Dominik stuck to his H20. 

Once our bellies were all full of pizza and salad goodness, we headed off to YoCream.  Who ever thought of creating an ice-cream parlor with limitless possibilities of sugary ice-creamy goodness that you - the consumer - could be the creator of, should really receive a Nobel prize or something!  What a fabulous place!  I got cheesecake ice cream swirled with cookies'n'cream ice cream and topped off with heath bars pieces, strawberries, and toasted coconut.  It was Ahh-mazing!!!

In an attempt to burn off a fraction of the calories we just consumed we headed over to Mt. Hood Lanes for a few epic games of cosmic bowling.  TJ and I were a bit skeptical as to how Dominik would do so near to his bed time, but like always he pulled through like a champ!  He absolutely loved bowling!  It was so cute; he would push the ball down the rack and then wave at it until it hit the pins.  Then he would just giggle.  It was soooo cute!!!  One of his favorite things to do was to make a fast break and run down the lanes.  While I so badly wanted to take a picture because of how funny I thought it was, the bowling attendants did not share my same enthusiasm and wanted him off as quickly as possible. 

The evening was simply fabulous and left us wondering why we don't hang out with Jana and Andy more often.  They are great family and we are so lucky to have them so close!  Thank goodness for eternal families!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

First and foremost I would like to take a moment to thank all the people past and present who have made it possible for my family and I to enjoy the freedoms that we do.  Heavenly Father consecrated the United States as the promise land, and those who have fought so courageously to protect this land have made that possible.  So many sacrifices and lost lives on the behalf of all the U.S. citizens is something to be proud of and never take for granted!  Freedom is definitely not free and I'm proud to be an American!

Now onto the festivities...We decided that to celebrate we were going to eat as much as we possibly could :)  We definitely achieved that goal!  We started off going to the Sunnyside ward breakfast and boy was it wonderful!  There was good food, good people, and good weather.  My roots have always been in the Sunnyside ward, so it was great to be home.  Next we went home for a bit so Dominik could take his much needed nap and TJ and I could rest up and putter around the house. 

Once Dominik woke up, we packed in the car and headed over to the Happy Valley church building to go to our ward's veteran's BBQ.  Brother Zeller in our ward put on one fabulous BBQ in honor of the veterans in our community.  He sent out over 3000 fliers to the veterans and their families in our community in hopes to show our appreciation for all they have done and continue to do for our country.  Only a handful actually showed up, but it was great to be able to pay our respects to them.  There was great food and a lot of activities for the kids.  Dominik even got a superman sign painted on his face.  He sat so still the whole time; I was very proud!  TJ also blew up a huge yoga ball, so all the men in our ward could play kickball.  They had a blast!

After our ward BBQ I headed out to donate blood and TJ stayed home and took care of Dominik.  We all rendezvoused back at our house and then headed out to Tyson and Brandi's for yet another feast :)  (I did say we achieved our goal of eating right).  Brandi whipped up some delicious burgers and fries, while Brandi's mom Leann made corn, baked beans, strawberry shortcake, and lemonade. My mom and I also brought a pasta and a green salad.  It was a great dinner and even better company!

We ended the day with some fireworks and sparklers with our good friends the Atkinson's.  Dominik actually recognized the fireworks this year which was nice, but he did want to go touch them while they were going off, which was not so nice.  We had to do them when it was light out because of the babies bed times, but it was still a great end to a great day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Feel the Rhythm...Feel the Rhyme...Get ready Kaci...It's Garage Sale Time

Yay for Garage sales!  The past couple months Kaci and I have decided to go garage sale's and boy has it been great...Well I think so, but TJ disagrees when he sees the "junk/treasures" that I bring home :)  Granted they are piling up in our garage...but hey, I'm getting great deals!

Well, with all the treasures I'm finding, I have to make room.  So this weekend Kaci and I decided to have a garage sale of our own.  We compiled all of our junk so others could come and find their treasures.  I love how garage sales work!  It was an absolute blast.  TJ and Tyson had this week off of school so they hung out with us, and then on Saturday the William's and the Atkinson's came and joined us as well. 

We all sat around and visited while making money.  Pretty cool right!  Friday ended up being a much busier day than Saturday, but both days had a slow and steady trickle of people.  We only had a few DVD's stolen, and other than that things went great!  We sold a lot of stuff and made some good money.  All in all, it was a pretty good time!  I feel blessed to have such great friends that are also neighbors!

The Great Outdoors

TJ decided that for his break he wanted to explore Mt. St. Helens.  We packed up the camping gear, the kid, and some waterproof clothes (lets face it...July in the Northwest is rather unpredictable) and headed to the heart of the volcano.  Okay, not the heart of the volcano, but pretty close.  We joined up with our Brother-in-law and Uncle Andy, as well as the ol' time family friends the Lafferty's. 

After we set up camp we headed 6 miles east to the Ape caves.  Unfortunately much to my dismay Dominik fell asleep in the car on the way over and TJ and I were not about to risk a horrible night of sleep by cutting his nap short.  So Dominik and I took a nap in the car while TJ, Andy, and the Lafferty's went exploring.  About an hour later Dominik and I woke up and decided to join the fun.  I'm not sure if I was never informed that the caves were pitch black, or I just tuned out anyone talking of the darkness, but holy cow!  You couldn't even see your hand in front of your face.  On top of that there were huge spiders in the caves.  I went into the entrance for pictures, but that was about it.  I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father was sending me a tender mercy by having Dominik fall asleep on the way over so I didn't have to go down there!

After the ape caves we headed back to camp to make some dinner.  We ate some delicious tin foil dinners and followed it up with some of Grandpa Finlayson's famous dutch oven peach cobbler.  After that it was time for bed because we were all completely exhausted from the days activities.  Dominik pulled through like a champ during the night and only woke up once for a short while.  TJ and I were very pleased!  If only we could have slept better through Andy's relentless snoring :) 

The next day we headed up to Mt. St. Helens and were very anxious to see what was left of this amazing mountain.  It had been pretty rainy the past few days and the forcast for the day was rainy, but we were optimistic that we would be able to see a little bit of the mountain.  Boy were we wrong.  The fog was so thick we couldn't even tell which direction the mountain was.  We came all that way to see fog...pretty cool huh!  We did get to see a pretty cool gift shop and read some interesting stories about the volcanic eruption though, so it wasn't all for nothing.  Luckily the Lafferty's came prepared because we were all starving for lunch and there were no restaurants on the mountain.  They whipped up some delicious sandwiches and we ate them in the parking lot of the observatory.

When we got back to camp the boys went to collect firewood and Toni and I played with the kids at camp.  The Lafferty's then made some fabulous hamburgers and hotdogs, followed by what Andy called "campfire crack."  They were delicious biscuits cooked on a stick over an open fire.  You had to slow roast it to a golden brown and then imediately fill with cinnamon, sugar, and whipped cream.  They were sooooo delicious, and luckily TJ mastered the art of cooking them because we couldn't get enough of them!  The day's festivities wiped us all out again, because we all hit the pillows hard.  Luckily this night I swiped some of Andy's earplugs because I couldn't hear a thing.  Definitely a better night's sleep than the previous night. 

The next morning was pretty brief.  We packed up the campsite and headed out.  It was sad to say goodbye, especially for Dominik and his new best friend Camden Lafferty.  They were so cute together!  Toni and I will definitely be setting up a play date in the near future. 

Overall it was a great trip.  Granted it rained and I didn't always have the best attitude, but it was good family time that was much needed.  It also made me appreciate even more what a beautiful world Heavenly Father has created for us.  What an artist!!!!

The Fruits of our Labor

Some of you may remember the beautiful garden boxes that TJ built for me for Easter...for those of you that don't, they are very pretty!  Well slowly, but surely...we are seeing the fruits of our labor!  Literally...we have strawberries that are ten times more delicious than the ones in the store.  Dominik is now trained that everytime he goes outside he will head straight for the strawberry plants and pick the first one he sees.  He then proceeds to eat them as "messily" as possible. 

Pretty soon we will have tomatoes, squash, eggplant, carrots, and blueberries.  We have already made some delicious Pico de Gayo with our home grown cilantro and it was simply fabulous!  It's so gratifying to eat the food that you have grown yourself!  I can't wait until we get a bigger house with some land so that we can grow all sorts of fruits and veggies!  I'm lovin it!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Yay for Fathers!  I have the best Dad in the world, and definitely the best Husband!  They are the rocks in my life and I don't know what I would do without them!

This year for father's day we had a lot of fun!  We started off by making a delicious breakfast of "Brunch stuffed peppers," compliments of Ms. Paula Deen.  They were fabulous, but took a lot longer than expected, so what was supposed to be breakfast, acutally turned out being more of an early lunch.  It's the thought that counts right! 

Dominik was lovin on TJ all day, so that of course made TJ feel extra great :)  We decided to go to my parents ward for my Dad for fathers day.  It didn't start until 12:30, which is pretty late for Dominik's nap, but we really wanted to go for my Dad.  Dominik pulled through like a champ and it was an amazing sacrament meeting!

Dinner consisted of Sushi, and Thai curry.  The curry was ridiculously spicy, but luckily that's how the dad's like it.  It was a great day that we got to celebrate the wonderful fathers in our lives.  Sometimes I find myself taking their presence for granted.  It's nice to have one day set aside where we get to reflect on all they do for us and really let them know how much we care.

Huggies New Spokesbaby

So there is a Huggies commercial out now where they are advertising for their limited edition blue jean diapers.  The commercial is hilarious and the boy in the commercial is absolutely adorable.  I decided that it would be fun to dress Dominik up and go take pictures (surprising huh...I swear that boy is going to have a major complex because of all the pictures of him I take). 

The commercial says:
"My diaper is full
Full of chic
When it’s a number two
I look like number one
I pooh in blue"