And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Years Strong

Wow...where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday that I graduated high school!  Now I have been married for 6 years and have a son, a house, and a dog.  Overall a pretty good life!

We celebrated by going to Brazil Grill which is a Churrasco (shoo-rah-sko), centuries old Brazilian traditional cooking method where waiters walk around with huge spears of meat and cut you off pieces upon your request.  My favorite was the lamb and shrimp and TJ's was the top sirloin.  It was all really good and TJ and I ate WAY too much! 

My mom and dad were gracious enough to watch Dominik for us so we could have the night "off."  He was supposed to have a sleepover with grandma and grandpa, but who was I kidding!  I have way too much seperation anxiety to let that happen!  Who would want to be away from this beautiful little boy!!!

After dinner TJ and I wanted to go see a movie, but we were both so exhausted that we decided to Redbox it and watch the movie in the comfort of our own home.  We ended up renting Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.  It was a great movie; a great end to a great night!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Star Light, Star Bright, Millions of Stars we saw Tonight!!!

On June 4th, 2011 we decided to forget bedtimes and head to downtown Portland for the Starlight Parade, and boy was it fun!! 

We went with some friends from the ward, the Adairs, the Atkinson's, and the Finlinson's.  Everyone is conveniently located in our little Aspen Summit neighborhood, so coordinating everything was really easy!

We started off by picking up some fried chicken and JoJo's (potato wedges) from Fred Meyers, and headed down to the nearest Max Station which was about a 7 minute walk from our houses.  We waited only a few minutes for the Max to arrive which was very nice!  Not the same story for the ride home...but I'll get to that later :)

Once we arrived downtown 2 hours before the parade we were surprised to see thousands of people already camped out, staking their claim on some premier parade spots.  We finally settled at 4th and Oak right in the middle of the street.  Thankfully the Finlinson's and the Atkinson's brought their picnic blankets to make things a bit more comfortable!  We than ate our dinner and enjoyed in some great conversation while we anxiously awaited the start of the parade. 

Typically Dominik's bedtime is around 8:30, so needless to say that when the parade didn't start until 9 or so, we were very skeptical about how the evening was going to go.  Luckily he pulled through like a champ!  He loved seeing all the pretty floats and marching bands.  The parade was no Disneyland parade, but it was still pretty cool.  I have to admit though that Portland is incredibly odd!  Even if there were no floats to look at, people watching would have been just as entertaining!  Don't worry Powell's, Portland is staying weird!!!!!

We decided to end the parade early and head home in an attempt to thwart a packed Max ride...boy were we wrong.  All the couples had their strollers packed full of parade stuff and were carrying their babies.  About 30 seconds before the train arrived, a Max attendant walked up to us and told us that we couldn't get on the train unless our strollers were folded up.  We all started frantically pulling things out of the stroller to get it folded so we wouldn't have to wait until the next train.  Long story short...TJ and I missed the train while everyone else made it on :( 

The next train ended up getting there five minutes later, and it was way less crowded, so the story had a semi-happy ending!  We ended up meeting up with everyone at the Gateway stop where we had to catch another train that would take us home.  However, there was a drunk guy that refused to get off the train so the trains were all backed up.  The guy ended up trying to manhandle a police officer, so they pulled him off the train in handcuffs.  I think it would have been funnier if we didn't all have cranky babies who were up waaaaayyyy past their bedtimes!  The train finally arrived and we all got on this time!

We finally pulled into the Flavel Max stop around 11:30, and walked up Aspen Summit to our houses.  Dominik finally got in bed around 11:45 and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the mattress.  TJ and I thought we would get some good sleep since our toddler was completely exhausted, but little did we know we were in for the longest night EVER!!!!!!  Let's just say that Dominik was up from 2:30 am until 9:30 am...Did I say that it was the longest night EVER??? 

All in all the parade was an absolute blast!  I'm so grateful for the friends we have made and for the Portland Starlight Parade memories we were able to make together!  Definitely going to be a tradition!!!!!  Maybe next year we will drive though :)