And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our lil' Boy is all Grown Up!

My mom finally broke me down and convinced me to cut Dominik's hair.  Granted it was incrediably long, but to me the first hair cut is sort of a right of passage; it's when a baby crosses over into toddlerhood and I just wasn't ready for that!  Since we were going down to Utah for conference and most likely taking Finlayson family photos I thought that this was as good a time as ever to just get it done. 
This is the before...pretty shaggy right?
I looked on a website called and I found a place near the Portland Temple that had raving reviews.  The kids got to sit in racecars and the hair stylists were all "highly qualified" to cut childrens hair.  I called and made an appointment for Friday 03/25/2011 at 9:00am. 

This place had tons of cool toys and play structures in the waiting room to keep the kiddo's entertained!

When we finally got there our hair stylists name was Andrea and Dominik was totally flirting with her!  She was so good with Dominik and made him feel completely at ease.  She even gave him a comb so he could "help" her.  She was also okay with the fact that we were breathing down her neck and taking a billion pictures.  Dominik came through like a champ (wish I could say the same for TJ and I) and he looks sooooo adorable!  Looking back, it was totally worth it.  However, he no longer has a baby face and is definitely all toddler.  He will forever be my little boy though, and no hair cut can ever take that away!

Dominik was a total flirt with this hair stylist Andrea!

This is the after with daddy!

Now Dominik is styled and looking good!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dominik Turns "1"

Can I just say WOW!! Where has the time gone.  Last time I remember the doctor was laying him in my arms and I was amazed how beautiful and small he was.  Now he is my little makes me sad and happy all at the same time.  I love that he is growing, learning, and doing something new every day, but sometimes I wish I had my little infant who loved to cuddle back! 

Dominik's yummy cupcakes!

Baseballs: vanilla cupcakes w/raspberry filling
Footballs: chocolate cupcakes w/Bavarian cream filling
Basketballs: spice cupcakes w/Bavarian cream filling
The festivities started out with a small dinner at my parents house.  I wanted to make the dinner centered around foods that Dominik could enjoy.  The kid barely has four teeth (he's a slow developer...what can I say) so finding a dish that accommodated the carnivore's in my family was not an easy task.  I decided on meat loaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and corn.  Dominik only had one nap during the day, so needless to say he was not in the brightest of spirits.  He was a trooper though because he loved the dinner and dove into the Bavarian cream pie that grandma made for dessert (go big or go home baby!).

The next day was the party time!  The party started at 12 pm and was pretty low key.  We had some family and friends come over for lunch and cupcakes and a small Easter egg hunt for the kids.  Dominik absolutely loved crawling around, getting into everything, and conning everybody into giving him more sweets.  He dove into his birthday cupcake and was pretty upset when he was done eating that there wasn't more.  Every time he would see someone eating a cupcake he would crawl over to them and demand (scream) a bite.  Overall the party was a great time.  I'm so grateful for everyone who came and helped and was so thankful that Dominik has so many people who want to celebrate with him. 

Dominik only found a couple of eggs, but he had a lot of fun trying to open them.

Dominik didn't waste any time diving in...this picture was taken thirty seconds after handing him the cupcake.

So many little attention span!  He didn't understand why I wouldn't let him play with the toy he just opened...he didn't want to keep opening more.
I'm so proud of Dominik for all that he has accomplished and just hope and pray that TJ and I can teach him all the things he needs to know in order to be successful in life.  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father sent his special spirit to our family and I absolutely can't imagine life without him! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking News: "Finlayson Home on High Terrorist Alert"

Wow...first of all let me say that I wish I would have listened to the moms who told me to be careful what I wish for.  I was pretty worried at ten months when Dominik was only army crawling and everyone kept telling me to be thankful that he wasn't crawling and getting into everything.  I would just smile and nod and in the back of my mind think, "I just want him to crawl, even if he does get into everything..."  I can say now that I'm totally eating my words!  He is into EVERYTHING!!!  And by everything, I mean everything!  He is into the ziploc bag drawer while I'm cooking, in the dishwasher when I'm doing dishes, under the bathroom sink when I'm showering, and every other cabinet and drawer he can possibly get into and dump everything out of.
 I honestly feel like I live in the movie groundhog day where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over.  I feel like my days are the same with the occasional Winco trip wiggled into the mix.  Dominik makes a mess...I clean up the mess.  Then we go to bed and start it all over the next day.  I absolutely love this kid and have to say that when I round a corner and see him swimming in Captain Crunch (literally swimming) and then he looks up at me, shrugs his shoulders and smiles, my heart completely melts and it makes everything worth it. 

 I guess all I can say is that this is Dominik's world and I'm just living in it.  I would hands down take this life over any other life, and I can't imagine a world worth living in without Dominik in it.  I just need to get used to the fact that for the next couple months (I realize this is a very optimistic outlook) I'm just going to be cleaning up a lot of messes.  I'm okay with that!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives...

I feel like I need to post more...but about what?  The everyday mundane stuff is just too boring to write about, and I'm not so sure that I want to look back on my life and be bored; how sad is that!  Well I had a self epiphany at 2 am the other day and I realized that it is the very mundane stuff that makes me who I am and as a whole is rather interesting.  This last week has been one of the craziest weeks I have had in a long time, and while most people wouldn't be interested in what I did, in ten years I think it will be fun to look back and see how insane I was to take on so in honor of appeasing myself in ten years I thought I would take this opportunity to report on what I did this last week:
 Sunday: TJ and I usually reserve Sunday's for hanging out with the family and having some fun family dinners.  We were about to walk out the door when TJ got a text saying that our brother-in-law Andy (who is a Portland police officer) had been involved in a shooting and was okay, but had been hit in the chest (luckily he was wearing a vest) by shrapnel, and once in the pants (not MC Hammer pants either!) with a bullet.  It went through the pants at the knee and trickled down the leg where it exited by his shoes.  Needless to say that we spent the day in complete gratitude to our Heavenly Father for protecting our Andy!!!  What an awesome addition he is to our family, and we can't imagine what life would be like without him!
Monday: For the last couple of weeks Dominik has been cutting four teeth at the same time.  While most people (mostly the ones without kids) say this is a blessing to get it all over at once, Dominik, TJ, and I would have to disagree!  Well now on top of cutting teeth, Dominik gets pretty sick.  Runny and stuffy nose, coughing, the works!  The day was pretty long and Dominik was not about to take a nap, and I had sooooo much to get done!  In honor of Andy's life being saved we decide to have him and Jana over for dinner which I was very excited about!  A bit of back info...I have signed up to coach the stake YW basketball tournament where I held two practices in order to prepare for the tournament on Saturday 03/12.  Because I didn't want to look like a throw together team I decided it would be cool to have jerseys.  Not just any jerseys either...TIE DYE ones!  With numbers, the girls names, and P. Stake Ballas (our team name) on them.  Unfortunately I decided to do this too late to recruit the girls help, so I had to call on some family and friends to bail me out.  Poor Jana and Andy thought they would come over and enjoy a nice quiet evening with TJ and I...I also had Tyson and Kaci, Trisha Davis (helping coach) and Lauren Davis (one of my players) over to help too.  Together we tie-dyed 22 jerseys.  About 2 hours into the tie-dying extravaganza Dominik wakes up from his peaceful slumber in an all out scream!  I run up and thinking it was just a misplaced binky that caused this night terror, so I reinsert the binky and sigh with relief.  Dominik calmed down only momentarily, and then started screaming again.  He continued to scream while TJ and I tried everything in the book.  We gave him a warm bath, we gave him Tylenol, we swaddled him, we bounced, rocked, hummed, sang, cuddled, EVERYTHING!!!  Finally TJ called on Tyson and Andy to come help administer a blessing (thank goodness for the priesthood!).  Dominik was not too thrilled to have their hands on his head, but they completed the blessing none-the-less.  While I was half hoping to have Dominik completely pass out upon the completion of the blessing, he continued to cry for another half an hour.  I do however have to say that I was gearing up for a long night, but he slept all but half an hour where all I had to do was feed him a 6 oz bottle. 

Tuesday: Tuesday was a calmer day, but we still had to finish those jerseys!  Kaci came over and we unrolled them and she tossed them in the washer while I started to cut out names with my exacto knife.  At this point, I felt like I was completely neglecting my child, so I thought it was time for some good ol’ floor play J  Dominik still wasn’t feeling too well, so we tried to keep it light.  When Dominik went down for his second nap I whipped up some crispy coconut chicken, Red Lobster Pina Colada sauce, and Samoan rolls…SOOOOOO delicious!  Again we had Tyson and Kaci, and Jana and Andy over for dinner and painting.  Kaci and I ironed on the names while TJ and Jana painted the names on the back.  It was so much fun just visiting, eating, and crafting; well I thought it was fun J the others were probably thinking, “this is the last dinner we ever come to!”

Wednesday: This was supposed to be my down day, but unfortunately the numberless jerseys were taunting me.  Kaci and I went over to Joann Fabrics and luckily found iron on 4” numbers that were absolutely perfect!  As soon as I got home I ironed them all on and at last…the jerseys were complete…and looked fan-freakin-tastic!!!!!

Thursday: This was baby shower day!  I swear I visit teach every pregnant lady in our entire ward…and that is a lot!  I love baby showers and am practically a professional at throwing them now.  In the last two months I have thrown almost 6 showers (the sixth one is on 04/08, but we have already started planning).  This shower was for Moira Mckell and her beautiful baby Emily.  I had recruited several sisters in the ward to help with the food, and I myself wanted to go get the infamous Voodoo Donuts.  Kaci came over and watched Dominik while I ventured out and picked up the last minute supplies.  I got all the way to Voodoo…and they only accept CASH!!!  I only had enough for two donuts (TJ’s birthday breakfast) and that was it L  I drove all the way back to Clackamas and ended up getting the donuts and all the supplies at Fred Meyers.  Oh well…ya live ya learn.  The shower ended up going well and everyone came through amazingly with the food!  Congrats to Moira!
Friday: Happy Birthday TJ!!!  The big 28!  I feel like such a horrible wife because I always cook breakfast on everyone’s birthday.  My poor husband had to settle for two Voodoo Donuts and some chocolate milk.  I tried to make up for it with the homemade cheesecake, but I still feel bad.  I made reservations at our favorite sushi restaurant Fugi’s, and invited all of TJ and I’s closest friends and family.  I then had the Jameson kids come over and play with Dominik while I made TJ’s birthday cake which was a homemade cheesecake with a three berry (raspberry, blueberry, and marrionberry) reduction glaze, with homemade cream cheese frosting, and some chocolate covered strawberries on the side.  It was a super fun party and I’m grateful for all our friends and family who helped make it special for TJ.

Saturday: Basketball tournament time!!  Kaci and I headed out to the Mt. Hood stake center at 8am to stake out the competition and get our game plan ready.  When the girls arrived we passed out jerseys and broke up the teams according to players/positions.  Our first game was at 9am and our next game was at 12pm.  It was a single elimination tournament, so the girls were highly motivated to win.  Our first game was against Jana’s team made up of mostly beehives so we thought it would be an easy win; they played really tough though!  We had one player who had never played basketball before and was not overly coordinated.  Near the end of the game we were up by 8 points or so, so I told our point guard Madison to get her the ball so she could score.  This is one of those moments where you really recognize God’s hand in everything because she threw up a shot and somehow (hand of God) it went in…SWISH!!!  This young lady started jumping up and down, and then gave the teammate next to her a huge hug.  She then ran to the sidelines and gave Kaci a huge hug…at this point the entire team and the other team was down playing on the other side of the court.  Finally the buzzer sounded signaling the end of the game and when she ran over to the bench she proceeded to hug every player on the team.  When she got to me she had tears streaming down her face and said “that was SO much fun!”  It made all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it, and still gives me chills!  We ended up losing the next two games, but they were close games and the girls played great.  It was such a fun day, and I’m going to try and get something going in terms of softball J using the same jerseys of course.  The day ended with a quiet evening at home…making dinner…and 24 cupcakes filled with cherry pie filling, and topped with homemade cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut (I’ve resolved that I’m incapable of doing anything simple) for ward conference the next day.

Sunday: TJ and I woke up around 8am when Dominik woke up and we ate breakfast, watched some TV, and got ready for church.  When we arrived (a few minutes late of course) we heard the stake president speaking and I thought it was odd that he would be conducting.  The sister in the foyer asked us if we attended another ward for sacrament meeting and I thought it was a strange question.  I sat down by her and asked her why the stake president was conducting and she told me that sacrament meeting was almost over and he wasn’t conducting, he was the concluding speaker…what???  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!! TJ and I completely forgot!  We were an hour late for church…how embarrassing!  The rest of church went great and everyone loved the cupcakes J  The day ended with dinner with the Finlinson’s, and the Adair’s at our house and then off to bed to get some much needed R & R.
Reflecting on this last week I realize how much I take on and how I need to start saying no…or saying nothing at all.  I like my life to be busy and chaotic, but I think I need to be a little more focused on raising my kid and taking time to be with him.  I’m also a full time student in a graduate program and could focus a bit more on my studies.  My new resolve is to stay within my means and simplify my life.  I can still take on tasks, but I don’t need to go overboard.  Next week is Dominik’s first birthday and I’m stressing out over it.  Kaci is helping me take a step back and think about what I can cut down or eliminate to take off some of the burden. The thing I have to keep in mind is that when everything is said and done…no one will remember that I didn’t have a bouncy house…or a clown making balloons.  Good times…good times J
So Stinkin Cute!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Played. We Explored. We Conquered

Yay for the Portland Children's Museum!  When I was first invited to go as part of a field trip put on by the Clackamas Web Academy...aka 'my mom', I was a bit leery that Dominik would have no idea what was going on and basically waste $4.50.  But since it was only $4.50, and Kaci and Ava wanted to come with us, I thought what the heck.  I was totally amazed at how much Dominik loved it!  They had a baby room where he could crawl around, safely pull himself up on a variety of structures, cool lights to look at and touch, and a variety of other baby friendly activities.  Granted, I think it will be much more stimulating/engaging when he can walk around (and not put EVERYTHING in his mouth) but we all had fun none-the-less!!!

LOVES the fishies!

Dominik wants to be a dentist; just like daddy!

The gravel pit would have been much more fun if Dominik wasn't so interested in exploring with his mouth.
What a fun day we had!  The kids did great and had a blast; we are definitely getting a membership.  Some of Dominik's favorite things about the Portland Children's Museum were: the baby garden (everything about it), playing with the fire hydrant in the pet hospital, eating the 'gravel' in the vroom room and the clay in the clay studio, and the most favorite was playing in/with the water in the water works room. 
Thanks for coming with us Kaci and Ava!!!