And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Dominik needed some assistance, but he LOVED the slide!

He just wanted to hold the sunglasses, not wear them...

Once he was on the swing, I couldn't get him off!
I can't believe that it is January and the sun graced us with its presence!  Dominik and I joined up with Kaci and Ava Adair and headed to Happy Valley Park.  Dominik has been to the park before, but was never able to leave the confines of Daddy's arms, or the stroller.  During this venture to the park he was able to experience swings, slides, and even a park bench :)  We ate a picnic lunch packed by Kaci and it was DELICIOUS!!!  We had a blast!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I had to start sometime...

So I guess that blogging is the thing to do...and like all things, I'm a few years behind.  I'm not into the whole displaying my life for everyone to dive into, nor am I into the whole "look at me," but a friend told me that blogging is just like keeping a journal; so here I am...keeping my journal.  So don't feel obligated to read, this is really for me to just keep track of where my family and I have been, where we are now, and where we are going. 

A little background on the Portland Finlayson clan...TJ and I got married in June of 2005 in the Portland Oregon Temple.  It was beach themed, and pretty fantastic; mostly because it was all about me :)  We lived with my parents for 6 months and then headed to Las Vegas so TJ could go to school at UNLV and utilize his millennium scholarship.  We only had one car at the time so we lived very close to campus, and uncomfortably close to Las Vegas Blvd. (otherwise known as the "strip").  We had a lot of fun and finally started to feel like our own family unit.

Almost a year after we moved to Vegas I got a job offer in Portland that was too good to refuse.  TJ and I packed up what little possessions we had and decided to hit the road back to Zion...also referred to as the Pacific Northwest.  TJ transferred to PSU and I started working at a family fun center in Lake Oswego and working on my undergrad at the University of Phoenix. 

Once we were settled in Portland, we decided it was time to expand our family by one so we started trying to have a baby.  However, our Father in Heaven did not feel as though it was the right time and so we just continued working and going to school for the next year (We also decided to get a dog, a 6.5 lb Yorkshire terrier named Roxy to fill the void of not being able to have a baby).  TJ and I both worked diligently and I graduated with my BSBM, and TJ applied and was accepted into Oregon Health and Science University's Dental Program (class of 2012).  In order to soften the blow of paying for dental school TJ and I decided that the best thing for our family was to join the Navy.  It's a mutual agreement where the Navy (aka...the taxpayers...thanks by the way) pays 100% of dental school and TJ owes them year for year of active duty as a dentist on a base somewhere.  While we recognize we are currently in a war, we realize that not having the financial burden of upwards of a quarter of a million dollars makes it worth the risk. 

I finally graduated with my undergrad, and was blessed enough to get a job as a teacher through an online charter school where I was able to work with students through an online curriculum.  I absolutely loved working with kids but still really wanted a kid of my own.  About a year and a half into teaching, Heavenly Father finally conceded and blessed our family with little Dominik.  He graced us with him presence on March 18th, 2010 which fell during my spring break, and TJ's final week.  It was ever-so stressful, but even more blissful!!! 

So now we find ourselves living in Oregon, with a 10 month old baby and a dog.  Life seems pretty dang good!  TJ has a year and a half left in Dental School and then it's off to a Navy Base somewhere in the world.  We both agree that we will someday end up in the Pacific Northwest but are optimistic about our adventure in the Navy.  Dominik continues to be a constant joy in our lives and we feel so blessed that Heavenly Father sent him to us.