And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Thursday, March 22, 2018

TJ's Birthday

TJ usually gets the shaft for his birthday.  I tend to put all my energy into celebrating the kids, Valentines, and St. Patricks day...even Pi day falls in the midst of all the parties.  TJ in all his good gracious is totally okay with small and simple parties for himself.  This year we were again surrounded by family so even the "small" parties tend to be big parties.  This is a good thing though!  TJ wanted to do sushi for his birthday dinner and I was happy to oblige.  We bought Costco's famous chocolate overload cake, lots of raw fish, and set up all the party decor. 

TJ's birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so the festivities were cut mildly short by us going to church.  This didn't put a damper on the day though because parties resumed as soon as we got home.  The kids were actually on their best behavior and TJ was able to take a nap...I mean what better birthday present can you ask for as a parent!  Soon after nap time we were joined by Tyson and kids (Brandi had a church meeting), along with Jana and Andy.  We feasted on sushi, teriyaki chicken, rice, salad, and egg rolls.  We opened presents, blew out candles (all the kids had to get in on it), and then enjoyed some chocolate cake. My present to TJ was 6 bottles of brewed root beer and a gift card to go golfing 18 holes with a cart.  The main part of the gift was giving him a whole Saturday off to golf; I'm a pretty good wife :)




All in all, TJ said he had a great birthday.  I may plan much more simple parties for TJ but we still make every effort to show him how much we love and appreciate him...and that means more than all the party decor in the world!

National Dentist Day

I couldn't let March 6th go by and not acknowledge our favorite dentist on his national day! Getting out of the military has been so much more stressful than either of us anticipated.  Long days, no more federal holidays off, and paycheck unsurety.  In addition to the long commute from Happy Valley to Hood River.  If that isn't enough to put even the best of human over the edge I don't know what else it would take.  And yet, TJ does it everyday with a smile on his face.  He is helpful around the house, serves tirelessly in his callings (plural, that's right) at church, and still has time to be a great husband.

I really hit the lottery with this dentist, so here on national dentist day I'm reminded of how much we love and admire our dentist.  He really is the best!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wings & Waves

We like to celebrate birthdays in terms of weekends.  Typically there is a family dinner, some type of outing, breakfast, you know...the whole nine yards!  I'm not sure if there are people out there who don't like celebrating birthdays, but we are definitely not that family.  For one day/weekend/week a year it's all about you.  That's definitely not too much in the grand scheme of things! 

For TJ's birthday since it is smushed in between the kids birthdays I tend to do a little less.  And by little, I mean quite a significant amount less, than I do for the other kids.  This year however, with all the family we have that lives so close I thought it would be fun to do a fun outing with everyone.  Wings & Waves is a water park about an hour away that is attached to a the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. The museum is nothing like the National Air and Space that we went to when we lived in DC, but the water park looked pretty fun.  TJ and the boys are pretty obsessed with anything water so I knew it would be right up their ally! 

We left right after Dominik's last basketball game and headed straight out.  The drive was a bit lengthy, but Maylee napped the whole way and even Parker got a few shut-eyes.  Definitely made for a nice drive!  The park itself was pretty crowded but given that it was a Saturday afternoon, crowded was to be expected.  We met Tyson, Brandi, and the kids there which made everything so much more fun! 

The water was a little on the cold side for Maylee and I's preference, but we made the most of it.  The boys were of course unabashed by water temperature and promptly got right to splashing and frolicking about.  The boys were all about the slides and the wave pool.  A siren would go off signaling the waves would start and the boys would ride the waves until the siren would sound saying the waves would stop. They would run do a slide and then come back for the next wave go around.  They were having a complete ball!  Maylee on the other hand was pretty apprehensive about the whole activity.  Her and I played in the water for a few hours and then we at snacks and people watched the rest of the time...she is so much a girl after my own heart! 

The boys could have played until closing, but thankfully and very reluctantly decided to leave with us around 5. On the way home we pounded snacks like they were going out of style and then hit up Sonic for a coconut cream pie shake (my food of choice at BYU-I and contributing factor to my Freshman 15).  Parker started complaining of a stomach ache at this point and TJ and I figured he just ate too much junk food too quickly.  TJ told Dominik to "rub your brothers belly."  Well then Parker proceeded to puke projectile vomit for a good 30 seconds.  It was awful and disgusting and smelly and just the worst!!!  Still didn't put a damper on the day (okay maybe a little one)...thankfully we are already laughing about it.  This whole day was just the best way to lead into celebrating my favorite guy!!! 

D the Balla

So last season of basketball was perfect.  Dominik's coach didn't really know what he was doing (big difference from playing and coaching) and his coach just let them have a good time.  This was perfect for Dominik!  He wanted to social aspect without having to be barked at about proper dribbling, shooting, passing, etc. Well now we are into our second season and I was praying that Dominik would get a coach who pushed the fundamentals while still making it fun.  I mean, at some point the kid needs to learn how to actually play right?!

Well his coach and assistant coach this year were the perfect pair.  Staci was super intense and would accept nothing less than the boys best, while coach Joe was super fun and supportive.  Together they made the perfect team.  Dominik turned out to be a fantastic screener, and he is definitely the best passer on the team (I may be a bit biased).  He learned how to properly pivot, pass a great chest pass, dribble without looking (sometimes), and most of all...he developed more confidence in his all around game. 

Dominik may not be the best on the team, and he may never will...but he has the heart...and as a parent that's all I can ask for.  We look forward to seeing what Dominik can do on the court next season!!