And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Monday, February 19, 2018

Party Time

For Christmas Parker got a pair of roller skates.  He must have seen someone roller skating on a TV show because he went on a kick where all he wanted for Christmas was a pair of skates...and yet he has never been skating before?! Such a mystery!  Anyways...for his birthday he has a burning desire to have a skating party.  Lucky for him, I have been dying to get back to the Mt. Scott Roller Rink where I too had several birthday parties growing up.

 The party kind of evolved from this point.  Parker wanted to have a Spider-man party and I was happy to oblige.  Dollar Tree had a huge section of Spider-man decor which lended to my party planing perfectly (say that three times fast).  From there we went out invites (all kids from Parkers Sunbeams class and their families).  And I swear the date warp speed approached...and before I knew it we were packing up the car and headed to the rink.

The party could not have turned out better.  Families all came, Parker had a blast, and we had a good variety of activities.  The best of which was the human pinata.  Dominik basically wore a shirt that had a bunch of candy hot glued to it and then ran around the rink while kids chased him and pulled the candy off.  They all LOVED it!! It was hilarious to watch!!  Aunt Brandi made a delicious cake too that looked AMAZING!!  The perfect addition to the Spider-man theme!!!

After the party was over, Parker gave me a big hug and a kiss and said "thanks mom, that was the best burfday eber!"  That sentence alone made everything worth it!!!  I sure love my 4 year old little Peter-Parker Spider-man!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Feel The Love

I just love Valentines Day!! I love that it is a small and simple holiday that celebrates the people you love.  TJ and I have never been big into celebrating each other, but rather, we celebrate our family.  We have a fun dinner, do small gifts, and then tell each other what we love about each other.  I love making Valentines cards for friends, decorating the house in reds and pinks...and I LOVE all the chocolate!!  Flowers are definitely an added bonus...but I have only ever gotten them a few times on Valentines day, so I definitely wouldn't be an expert on the issue (oh much to learn). 

This year for Valentines day Parker had a fun preschool party a week early.  We invited his friends, he wrote out their names on some cards and we had a fun lunch and a few activities.  Parker likes celebrating holidays almost as much as me so I love doing little things like this with him!! 

Parker this year wanted to make a Lego Ninjago box for his cards and Dominik wanted to do an R2-D2 can for his. Both were relatively easy to do and turned out super cute!! Grandma printed out some Pokemon cards at work and then the boys and I cut them out and taped candy on the back of them.  I think they turned out awesome!! 

For breakfast I made waffles with raspberry syrup, whipped cream, and Valentines sprinkles, some heart shaped strawberries, and bacon...always bacon.  Pretty much anything with sprinkles is amazing so if I can find sprinkles for every holiday I'm the most amazing mom ever; my kids are very easy to please.  After we got Dominik off for school, Parker, Maylee, and I went to visit grandpa in the hospital.  He just got a hip surgery and what better way to celebrate the holiday then to visit the people we love!  Grandpa was in good spirits and the kids love visiting him.  Maylee was unsure at first but them really wanted to sit by him.  It was so cute how worried she was for him, and that she wouldn't leave his side. They are very cute together!

Dominik got home from school and had quite the loot bag.  I quickly remembered Valentines from years past and the sugar induced tantrums ensued.  I tried to limit the candy consumption but was overruled.  They pounded candy like they never have before.  My only saving grace was that Dominik was fine sharing with Parker. 

Dinner was celebrated with heart shaped pizza, steak, salad, and cupid floats (vanilla ice cream and strawberry soda, with licorice for the straw).  With Nothing Bundt Cake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Nothing like sugar all day followed by more sugar for dinner and dessert.  The kids were happy though and all is well; we just made sure to brush their teeth extra good. 

I'm so blessed by my family and the abundance of love we share.  They make my blood boil at times, but the good far outweighs the bad.  I love them with all my heart and love Valentines Day for giving me the opportunity to reflect on that!