And then there were 4...

And then there were 4...

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Predators are Lurking

Roxy has been in our family for 10 years now.  She was once a pet that filled a void that I didn't know would one day be filled with kids.  She went everywhere with me and was treated like a child.  Then we had Dominik and she took a little backseat where we still loved her dearly, but she was treated like the beloved dog.  Then Parker came along and she became just the dog...and now we have Maylee and she is seriously just one more thing that needs my attention and uses up my energy.  I started taking her for granted and even went as far as to say I would like to give her to a loving home because I just can't handle the incessant barking!

Well a few weeks ago TJ let Roxy out to go potty and was watching her from the doorway.  She was on the basketball court about 20 feet from the backdoor so TJ went to go get an apple.  He heard her bark and then go silent so he ran to the backdoor only to see a Coyote tail wisp out of sight and Roxy was no where to be seen.  He started to run and then saw a second coyote run down the hill.  He ran around to the front of the house and saw Roxy in the jaw of one coyote and a second coyote bite her stomach.  He threw his apple at them and they again took off running.  TJ chased them two houses down and up a green space hill.  He screamed and hollered Roxy's name over and over and the coyote by some miracle dropped Roxy.  She started to run home and the coyotes were hot on her heels.  TJ stood his ground and waved his arms and somehow scared them off in the opposite direction.  He quickly caught up to Roxy who now had blood spurting from several holes in her neck and ran back home with her in his arms.  I ran down the stairs and quickly looked up a 24 hour vet in the area.  It was 12:30 am at this point so not many vets were available.  Luckily there was a vet open and it was only 10 minutes we went!

On the way to the vet TJ and I thought Roxy was for sure dying. She was gurgling with every breath and the air that was making it in was short and sounded painful.  We arrived at the vet and rushed her in to the nurses.  They took her into the back, inserted a breathing tube, and then started to check all of her bites.  We waited for a few hours while they took x-rays and did their exam.  Each time they would come out to update us they would say they were surprised she was alive.  They kept finding bad bites, but somehow they were never as bad as the vet initially thought.  She ended up having 4 bites on her neck, one on her upper back, one just above her eye, and two on her belly.  None of them were bad, but the violent shaking could have caused internal bleeding and there was no way of knowing the extent until at least 72 hours of waiting. 

We were able to bring her home with lots of medication and all her wounds still oozing.  She spent the next 3 days very lethargic and out of it...and then 4 more days very slow and jumpy in loud situations.  We gave her medication round the clock and watched her for bruising and bumps.  On day 6 she got a big bump on her neck and it started oozing and getting red.  We took her back into the vet who again exclaimed how lucky Roxy was to be alive.  Roxy got more antibiotics and pain meds but the prognosis was very optimistic. 

Now we are 2 weeks later and Roxy is back to her normal self and aside from her shaved's almost like the attack never happened.  We are much more careful when we take Roxy out after dark and I have to say that I no longer take her for granted.  She is such a part of our family and I can't imagine life without her!  She has such a sweet spirit and loves each member of our family so deeply.  She is definitely still annoying at times, but I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father saw fit to keep her around a little while longer!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

When I am Baptized

Dominik is a smart kid.  Smart in a way that I never could be.  He just gets things; like they just click in his head.  That is why when it came to his baptism I was really impressed (but not surprised) at how much he thought about it.  He considered his options, what he felt about it, and then decided that it was what he wanted to do.  I was so impressed.  He is far from a perfect kid...he is such a little stinker...but he is also the most empathetic kid I have ever met.  He loves and feels deeply and in that, if he loves you, you will have a friend for life.  He is the meanest to his family, but he is also our biggest advocate, our biggest fan, and will defend any one of us even if we are in the wrong.  I have no doubt that after his baptism he will be perfect, but I do believe that his step towards the temple is a step in the right direction. I believe he will continue to try every day to be a little better.  To be more like his Savior and make better choices.  I love my Dominik, I love the good, the bad, and everything in between. He will forever hold a special place in my heart as the one who made me a mom.  The opportunity I have to watch him be baptized and make sacred covenants with his Father in Heaven is one of the most special experiences I have ever had in my life!

The day started out pretty hectic with a T-ball game in the morning, rushing home to get everything ready, and then running over to Bill and LeAnn's house for a luncheon.  We decided to do a family meal beforehand so that Grandma and Grandpa Finlayson could attend (they were flying home right after the baptism).  The luncheon was delicious and the perfect segway into the special evening.

The baptism was perfect.  We had a few tables set up with display pictures of Dominik and Brooklyn, complete with programs and testimony cards for people to write special messages to D & B.  People started arriving and we all took our seats.  TJ and I had Dominik sit right in between us and I LOVED watching his face as he heard the special messages from Grandpa and Bill about baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Then the kids went to be baptized and the spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife.  Grandpa Finlayson gave Dominik the gift of the Holy Ghost and Dominik was surrounded by all the special men in his life whether it be family, home teachers, or just good friends, the priesthood was strong in that circle!! The saying "it takes a village" rang so true in that moment!!!

After the program was over we went to the refreshment table.  We made cookies, cupcakes, and rainbow fruit and veggie platters.  The display was so simple, colorful, and perfect...and was destroyed in seconds after the kids made their plates.

As I watched people visiting, eating, and reflecting, I was hit strong by a feeling of love.  Dominik is loved by so many!  Our family is so blessed.  Dominik is such an example to all who know him and while he does make some crazy mistakes, he tries so hard to be good; to be like his Savior.  I'm so grateful for him, for his choices, for how he lives his life.  I can't wait to continue to watch him grow in life, in the gospel, and in his own personal testimony of Jesus Christ.

Tulip Festival with Family

Every year a farm in Wilsonville, OR has a tulip festival and it is amazing!  I honestly have been to so many flower festivals in our travels around the world, and this one is by far my favorite!  There is a few football fields worth of colorful and beautiful tulips and so many photo ops...which as my family can attest, is my favorite part of family outings.  Since Grandma and Grandpa Finlayson were in town for Dominik's baptism later in the week we decided to make a day of it and experience the festival with them!

The boys love the festival because of the fun park and play structures that are offered.  Thankfully for us as parents, the play structures are at the end of the walk way.  So to ensure proper behavior we show them far in the distance what they can earn if they can have a good attitude through the flower fields.  However, despite the play structures being at the end, this farm has play things, ride on things, and climbing things to entertain the kids throughout the flower field.  The kids loved the little cow ride on wagon and all three fit in our one little wagon. 

The kids happily oblige all my picture demands and even got into it doing fun things throughout our walk down the flower fields.  I'm not above a good bribe, but I love it when my kids do something fun and ask me to take a picture.  They really do love me! Sometimes!

After the flower fields we went to the kids play land.  Dominik picked to do the trampoline suspension jump and Parker picked the bouncy house.  Then they played with the rubber ducky wash, followed by the playground.  They were well worn out and happy to report that they had a fun day!  My kind of day!!